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Show Of Hands March 6th, 2013 9:16pm

What is a more compelling whitening toothpaste claim: "#1 Whitening Brand", or "Removes up to 80% Surface Stains"?

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03/07/13 9:10 am

When we watch TV, most of us don't think critically like when we are commenting on a SoH poll. The vague feel good slogans hit us on a more subconscious level and draw us in when it comes time to buy one product over another.

Ariella LovePeaceNHappiness
03/07/13 7:49 am

Give me some numbers, not where you THINK you rank at. Everyone seems to be "the best" or "#1". Some research and some numbers work better with me.

EarlyBird Portland
03/07/13 7:57 am

Yeah but don't you feel like they're all made up numbers? All brands say the same things...

Ariella LovePeaceNHappiness
03/07/13 8:04 am

Good point. F**k it, I'm creating my own toothpaste then. My slogan, "New mint chocolate chip toothpaste. It MIGHT help your teeth, we really don't know, but it sure taste good!"

TiltonAllStarz Outside Ur Comfort Zone
03/07/13 8:05 am

I agree with Early.
Do an "infomercial" style commercial.
Or a "picture a day" commercial showing the teeth getting whiter.

TiltonAllStarz Outside Ur Comfort Zone
03/07/13 8:09 am

Plus, just because you're the number 1 seller, doesn't mean you're good, hell, a majority of America voted Obama a second term.
(Not a shot at you Early)

susanr Colorado
03/07/13 8:12 am

I'm sure "We're Number 7!" Would be a great advertising slogan. =:-)

Maybe they'd have to come up with something actually meaningful, then.

Futurama St. Thomas Estate Fortuna
03/07/13 7:45 am

I'd like to remove stains from my teeth. As I drink coffee and smoke. Whitening products are a good idea but removing stains first would help.

PeppyHare Do a barrel roll
03/07/13 7:44 am

I like these sponsored questions...

Neither because #1 doesn't mean squat in my opinion... Number 1 how? Doesn't provide results. Problem with the other because of the UP TO meaning results could vary significantly...

Why not... Clinically proven to give you a whiter, more confident smile.

TiltonAllStarz Outside Ur Comfort Zone
03/07/13 8:06 am

That's "Rembrandts" slogan.
Already taken.

MrWalrus Undergrid
03/07/13 7:20 am

Glad I have not pad for this app. It would be bad to have paid for it and still have ads.

Crawdaddy11 MIMNAZMN
03/07/13 7:40 am

This is the only app I have ever paid for and that question did not bother me at all.

EarlyBird Portland
03/07/13 7:54 am

Not me. You can skip polls you don't like.

susanr Colorado
03/07/13 8:17 am

I paid for it and they don't bother me. They're clearly marked, they haven't been frequent, they're not intrusive, and they're easily skipped.

And also, they're not really ads.

Crawdaddy11 MIMNAZMN
03/07/13 7:02 am

Nice to see you making some $$ off this awesome app!

Tony SOH Founder
03/07/13 8:16 am

"losing less $$" would be a more accurate description, but thank you! :-)

03/07/13 8:44 am

I don't mind these questions at all. But branch out a little, contact NBC and we can help them decide what to do about Leno/Fallon/Stern.

lazel fandom rehab
03/07/13 6:33 am

Up to 80% because #1 whitening brand tells you nothing

TheMadScientist the mad laboratory
03/07/13 5:09 am

One sounds racist and the other like it is ineffective. What distinguishes this toothpaste from all the others? Does it really make my teeth whiter? Cite me a study compared to the next top three brands. Same goes for freshness, duration of clean, or any other marker of function. Generic slogans :-(

03/07/13 6:52 am

Not sure how to word this but sounds like a question from someone doing research or a company.....

03/07/13 12:52 am

That's like buying "worlds best cookies". They're obviously not the best in the world (although in one case that would have to be true). 80% at least sounds like they aren't being cocky about their product and are actually citing studies. Even though the number seems high...

03/07/13 12:15 am

"If you don't buy our toothpaste, darth vader will *personally* come by your house, and force choke the life from your body(trademark)"..try that one. I don't care if it tastes like what I imagine dog droppings to taste like, I'm BUYING it.

03/07/13 12:08 am

Cavity protection and oral health is more important than how white your teeth are.

Br@ndon Your Soul
03/06/13 11:23 pm

Every company claims to be the top of their industry.

03/07/13 12:11 am

Because people believe it

EarlyBird Portland
03/06/13 10:56 pm

How about if the toothpaste came in cherry cheese cake flavor?

Ariella LovePeaceNHappiness
03/07/13 7:52 am

I'm with you on that one! I'd buy that one for the rest of my life! ????

EarlyBird Portland
03/06/13 10:54 pm

Fresh breath is old, removes stains is old, reduces cavities is old. We need some new words or phrases

03/07/13 12:24 am

Rainbows will radiate from your teeth.

03/07/13 1:03 am

Your breath will smell like the sound of rainbows, and your teeth will look like the taste of unicorns!

I like yours better.

EarlyBird Portland
03/07/13 7:51 am

Your breath will attract the opposite sex :)

EarlyBird Portland
03/07/13 7:52 am

How about glow in the dark toothpaste?

EarlyBird Portland
03/06/13 10:52 pm

How about using the word "enamel".
Like "strengthens your enamel"

fredd TrumpLand
03/06/13 10:51 pm

Neither really. #1 by who's reckoning? And I hate "up to" claims, utterly meaningless cherry-picked data.

03/06/13 10:36 pm

I've seen several different brands saying they're #1. -.-

03/06/13 10:34 pm

Flashy packaging!!!!

Wert A picture of my junk
03/06/13 10:25 pm

Both are bad. But, at least 80% is quantifiable.

susanr Colorado
03/06/13 10:46 pm

Except it's "UP TO 80%," so not really.

beanD California
03/06/13 10:24 pm

Again, both are lame... How much trouble does it actually take to hold a planning meeting to come up with some SLIGHTLY more catchy slogans? Or, even easier, place a suggestion box by the front door.

dawl adulting
03/06/13 10:18 pm

Whichever one is on the shelf at dollar tree.

onthenine Da Burg
03/06/13 9:47 pm

Toothpaste is horrible to buy! They all look the same and basically say the same. If you want my attention you better have some seriously fun/outrageous/eye catching/Nekkid people on the package.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
03/06/13 9:43 pm

I'd rather see 40% guaranteed than 'up to 80%'. Up to 80% could mean only 1% or 2% by definition.

Emma Austin.ish.
03/06/13 9:53 pm

That's a really good point. I like a quantifiable benefit, not an "up to" or a "#1" (#1 compared to what? by whom?).

03/07/13 4:54 am

That was almost verbatim what I was thinking!

bornofashes Chicago, IL
03/06/13 9:41 pm

Everyone claims they are number 1 and world famous at least 80% sound like less BS.

susanr Colorado
03/06/13 10:15 pm

But it's not 80. It's UP TO 80. Which could mean 80, 67, 32, or 1.

guy_fawkes Failed System
03/06/13 9:29 pm

I look for the label which reads: Flouride-free

peacefullife Land of Moss
03/06/13 10:55 pm

Google something like 'risks of fluoride'

Then follow the $ trail... The fluoride in toothpaste is purchased industrial waste (EPA doesn't allow it in the air...)

03/06/13 9:29 pm

80% ok i will accept that but
#1 is really an opinion because other brands claim to be number one

chile safer than congress
03/06/13 9:20 pm

A) Crest
B) Aqua Fresh

1111111 Wayne
03/06/13 9:29 pm

C Colgate

ArechiDan Post Apocalyptic America
03/06/13 9:03 pm

Sponsored question...neat idea.

mawster34 A place called Davidson
03/06/13 8:57 pm

Wait til the next super bowl and do something crazy. That really starts a firestorm within a short period of time. Just ask Volkswagen.

MrLove lovers, dreamers and me
03/06/13 8:56 pm

There's a likely chance that these polls keep getting deleted because the comments turn negative. For Tony's sake, let's try to keep everything on topic please.


pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
03/06/13 9:44 pm

Politics, religion, Justin Bieber! And...Go!

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
03/06/13 9:45 pm

Just kidding! I don't wanna talk about Justin Bieber.

Emma Austin.ish.
03/06/13 9:56 pm

I agree on keeping things positive, but I know that the sponsored questions disappear when they hit a certain number of responses.

03/06/13 8:52 pm

Up to 80% means the most is 4/5ths better. Even if dental procedures aren't up to it, I as a consumer want something higher quality.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
03/06/13 8:46 pm

The #1 brand doesn't say it's any good, but at least it doesn't say it's at least 20% bad.

03/06/13 8:46 pm

I miss jingles

CowgirlUp788 New Jersey
03/06/13 8:46 pm

Both are somewhat misleading "#1 in what exactly", we can only assume whitening. & "up to 80%" means that most were less, probably far less, than that in reality.

Emma Austin.ish.
03/06/13 9:58 pm

Yeah, could be the #1 toothpaste brand that begins with a C and ends with an E, for all we know. Or the number one toothpaste among employees of Colgate. :P

03/06/13 8:39 pm

What company doesn't say;

????:we're the number one brand!

But then again "up to" 80% doesn't sound promising...????

14573 Scary Numbers
03/06/13 8:38 pm

#1 sounds like an opinion while 80% seems like it has some research backing it up.

03/06/13 9:30 pm

That's what I was thinking

Emma Austin.ish.
03/06/13 10:00 pm

I thought that too, but then the "up to" part made me uneasy. So you could have only 5% of stains removed, or you could have 80%? That's a really big window.

longhorn1 Kindocologist Hater
03/06/13 8:38 pm

Surfaces stains sounds like something you remove from concrete with a pressure washer...not really projecting the ideal image.

03/07/13 12:16 am

They use something similar at my dentist. Its like a pressure washer for teeth. I love it.

1111111 Wayne
03/06/13 8:33 pm

Everyone says they're number 1.

Emma Austin.ish.
03/06/13 10:01 pm

especially you. :D

03/06/13 8:32 pm

What about the other 20%??

03/06/13 8:28 pm

Removes 80 percent. As I want something that has been tried and works

gonk In a psychology textbook
03/06/13 8:28 pm

Which toothpaste brand wants to know? Then I'll tell you if they'll ever get my money.

runamok NoVa
03/06/13 8:26 pm

I like the one that gives a measurable improvement. The other claim just means more people but it...not that is actually better or even accomplishes anything.

dudley northern Virginia woods
03/06/13 8:23 pm

It sound a little more honest, but ho does one measure that. If I asked my dentist, he would laugh.

03/06/13 8:21 pm

How about neither?

EarlyBird Portland
03/06/13 8:21 pm

#1 Whitening caught my attention.

Emma Austin.ish.
03/06/13 10:02 pm

can I ask why you voted, then? just pure curiosity?