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Should the U.S. ever attempt to exert any influence in foreign elections, e.g. by publicly supporting pro-Democracy candidates?

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rainbowlove St.louis MO
03/12/13 5:34 am

Stay the fuck out of other countries business! Worry about fixing ourself!

03/10/13 8:02 pm

No we should not impose our will on another country. If they want a communist let them have a communist. If they want a fascist let them have a fascist. But to choose for them is like china choosing the president "it's unfair to the people living there"

03/09/13 4:59 pm

Indeed, other countries need more stable governments but we also need to have more respect for there cultures.

03/09/13 6:22 am

Yes, but this administration isn't an advocate for freedom and democracy and those wouldn't be the candidates that would be pushed. We actually sent a representative to Hugo Chavez funeral!!!! That's crazy!!!

03/10/13 7:54 pm

Being part Colombian I disliked Hugo Chavez but being Catholic I know you should have respect for those who think differently.

hmh461 tn
03/07/13 7:04 pm

What, do you mean instead of CIA coups?

DakotaJames seattle
03/07/13 5:32 am

A democratic world is a better world, maybe. Good luck convincing north korea????

03/06/13 11:43 pm

Would you like it if foreign countries started interfering with our elections? Just because we've done it in the past doesn't make it right. It interferes with another country's sovreignity and can conflict with their culture and beliefs. And respecting those are also a big part of human rights.

skinner Wisconsin
03/08/13 4:08 am

Well Israel already has interfered in our elections

Anarchy101 NAP
03/06/13 11:17 pm

If you want to spread culture, TRADE with said country!

Ernest Make it so
03/06/13 9:36 pm

The Prime Directive XD

03/06/13 10:05 pm

Lol I was going to comment the same thing!

03/06/13 8:07 pm

We can't even make smart political decisions for us. Why in gods name are we trying it for others?!

ScrewU Gone
03/06/13 6:09 pm

I'm just glad the secret cancer weapon worked on Hugo Chavez.

I'm sorry, did I say that out loud?

03/06/13 4:09 pm

Of course we should support and promote democracy in other nations. Not doing so because "it's not our business" is naive. Democracies promote and protect human rights. It is our responsibility as human beings who share the same planet to care about the rights of all people.

03/07/13 8:48 am

How has that promotion of Democracies worked out in Egypt? How is the Arab Spring going?

14573 Scary Numbers
03/06/13 3:22 pm

America! Inventor of the double standard.

duey in a fools paradise
03/06/13 3:32 pm

Why sure because no other countries or radical groups try to influence the outcomes of other countries elections. Muslim brotherhood just innocent bystanders, AlQuadea, Russians in Iran, Syria, Chinese in N. Korea, Tibet, Mongolia. Yeah we are the only ones that do it!

03/06/13 2:05 pm

We've been doing it for years. Look up the the revolution in chile that was backed by the CIA

seandolan93 Cascadia
03/06/13 12:04 pm

Money? No. Support with words? Sure! Except American support could singlehandedly lose elections for people in some countries. Might want to take that into account before you voice your support.

03/06/13 11:52 am

And now here it is: the United States of Venezuela! What's better than installing a pro-"democracy" leader? You get economic control anddddd cheaper Gasoline!!!!!! Fuck yea!!!!

03/06/13 11:30 am

Rep. Jose Serrano, Democrat of New York: "Hugo Chavez was a leader that understood the needs of the poor. He was committed to empowering the powerless. R.I.P. Mr. President."

03/06/13 11:31 am

Human Rights Watch doesn't see him in quite the same light:

Hugo Chávez's presidency (1999-2013) was characterized by a dramatic concentration of power and open disregard for basic human rights guarantees.

03/06/13 11:33 am

Is that really what the Democrats believe?

03/06/13 11:34 am

I don't think democrats believe that, just the leadership!

03/06/13 10:47 am

The question should read "should the U.S. stop attempting to exert influence in forign elections"

lmurder MDK
03/06/13 10:41 am

We have and always will. Scrambling now that Hugo Chavez is dead. Don't you think we should have been prepared for this with the intel we have? Shame this administration is so slow to react.

TiltonAllStarz Outside Ur Comfort Zone
03/06/13 8:44 am

It's none of our business.

cowboy Here and There
03/06/13 8:30 am

Hell no. How about, we the people, focus on America, for once. Fuck all the backward Muslims living in the seventh century. Haven't we learned our lesson yet?

Carolinaaa My name is not Carol.
03/06/13 8:21 am

I sure as heck don't want any other country getting involved in anything to do with our elections, so why would I want us to get involved in theirs?

03/06/13 8:04 am

If public statements are needed, best just to promote the democratic will of the people and a clean process, but to back a particular candidate.

suppressedID That is my secret Cap
03/06/13 7:55 am

Democracy needs to be earned, not traded and exported.

nickelb Texas
03/06/13 7:51 am

I'd rather endorse a candidate than fight won later.

03/06/13 7:02 am

No. It's their country, as a nation here, we might not agree with their policies, therefore we could stop foreign aide but we should not promote or endorse a foreign candidate.
Regards to comments on our military:
It is to be used only for national security to protect US citizens. Here or abroad

03/06/13 6:16 am

Some of you need to learn to read. The question said nothing about military intervention. It was asking about public support.

03/06/13 6:27 am

It says exert influence. Knowing some of our politicians, they'd interpret that as armies...

03/06/13 6:28 am

It said publicly support. Meaning announcing officially to the world and everyone knows about it. It could be military intervention, or not.

03/06/13 6:51 am

It says both haha. But the one is an example. There could be other examples...

rons screw politicians
03/06/13 6:03 am

Why not promote friendliest? The United Nations tried to get involved with our election process!

Sakura-chan Reading and Writing.
03/06/13 5:09 am

There's a reason George Washington too is to stay out of Foreign affairs and not to form Political parties.

gonzoboy Arizona
03/06/13 4:40 am

On FIRST glance at the question, my mind dovetails with @Longhorn1's comment regarding Egypt. Then, I reread the question. Use of the word "ever" changes the entire context. "Ever"?! Ever, ever?? In the infinite time ahead, there MAY actually be a time when this is appropriate. Changed to "Yes".

longhorn1 Kindocologist Hater
03/06/13 5:15 am

I stick with mine...but good point.

03/06/13 4:25 am

Imperialism policies perpetuated by DC is what gets ordinary Americans in trouble. Tell DC to mind it's own business.

longhorn1 Kindocologist Hater
03/06/13 4:17 am

Why not, it seemed to work out pretty well for us in Egypt...ohhhh, wait.

03/06/13 3:48 am

I don't see a problem with us endorsing a democratic candidate. As long as we are not funding or interfering in any way. It's none of our business.

sara VA
03/06/13 1:22 am

Ideal: mind our own business

OK: public endorsements with truth-based arguments to back them up

Bad: lies, economic or political manipulation

Terrible: military invasion; aiding candidates, leaders or parties known to be corrupt, oppressive, violent, etc.

03/06/13 1:53 am

I see one problem here: truth in politics is very relative, politics is not science.
Some countries may have entirely different views but if the majority of the populace agrees we shouldn't force our views on them.

03/06/13 1:56 am

Of course this isn't valid for obvious human rights violations - in those cases, we should speak out.

03/06/13 1:07 am

People are certainly welcome to choose for themselves. Hopefully governments and governing powers in all countries throughout the world will allow and accept the voice of the people. Encouraging and supporting candidates that foster an atmosphere of freedom is, I believe, a good and worthy endeavor.

03/06/13 1:07 am

People are certainly welcome to choose for themselves. Hopefully governments and governing powers in all countries throughout the world will allow and accept the voice of the people. Encouraging and supporting candidates that foster an atmosphere of freedom is, I believe, a good and worthy endeavor.

03/05/13 11:52 pm

Damn You Franz Ferdinand you killed Imperialism.

03/06/13 12:15 am

The Serbian nationalist Gavrilo Princip fired the shot that detonated powder keg Europe and led to the downfall of all empires - British, Austrian-Hungarian, German, Ottoman and everything else.

03/06/13 12:40 am

It also abolished monarchy or rendered the monarchs powerless.
Anyone want the "good old days" back?

commonsense America isnt racist
03/05/13 11:33 pm

Yes. We should but in and say hey, we like democracies. It's better than dictators or communism (most of the time) and no, no one govt is perfect except our rep-democracy.

kongster unchained
03/05/13 10:14 pm

How is it our business?

skschroen always at school
03/05/13 10:11 pm

Why is there such a misconception of the fact that the united states is in fact a republic?!

PartyFree Nowhere in Particular
03/05/13 11:13 pm

Because Civics is a class typically taken by teens with senioritis... or at least it was at all 4 of the American high schools I went to.

FallenChaos Lastation
03/05/13 10:06 pm

America is too nosey to begin with. It's like that kid in school who eavesdrops on conversations then starts telling everyone about what they heard. That kid is usually hated and it's one reason why America is hated by many. We need to focus on our people right now, let others handle themselves

commonsense America isnt racist
03/05/13 11:34 pm

By focusing on other countries the is IS focused on its people.

FallenChaos Lastation
03/06/13 4:30 am

It's one thing to know what other countries are up to for the safety of the people (ex: nuclear weapons) but to actually intervene and try to change their way of life like this question was asking is just wrong. Would you like it if someone went into your home and started telling you how to live?

commonsense America isnt racist
03/06/13 7:59 am

If the other countries goals are for harming others. (Ie:Iran) then yes we have a moral obligation to interfere.

FallenChaos Lastation
03/06/13 3:18 pm

You clearly didn't read the question correctly. How is their government going to affect or harm us? George Washington said it himself, do not get caught up in foreign affairs.

commonsense America isnt racist
03/06/13 3:29 pm

You obviously do not understand the real world. It's not pretty roses and nice people. The US govt should interfere in any election/foreign political move/military strike that negatively effects us in any way. That its JOB.
In making the world safe, it's makes us safe. I'm okay with that.

FallenChaos Lastation
03/06/13 3:37 pm

I do understand the real world very much so. And I'm sorry but America does NOT save the entire world are you kidding? Stop thinking we are the chosen ones and the only ones who can do what's right. We have no business in other countries unless it affects us directly. We shouldn't be so nosey.

skschroen always at school
03/05/13 10:06 pm

Why the heck should we support a political side of another country?! Iys not like there is one political party in America! If we supported pro democrat in another country, tht would be portraying the US as a whole with democrats- not an accurate representation

skschroen always at school
03/05/13 10:08 pm

And a side note, it really is not appropriate for the US the become involved or state opinions. It is their country, their people, their candidate. If individuals want american insight, then they should come over, make friends, and ask away

chile safer than congress
03/06/13 5:12 am

So, you would have the U.S. change course after 70+ years of influence?
Energizing the people helped overthrow oppressive governments (east Germ, USSR, etc.)

03/05/13 10:01 pm

It's interesting that American politics ignores nearly all lessons from around us. When another nation improves its education system--we ignore it. When another improves its medical system to be superior to ours--we ignore it. When they make better roads? Ignored! We act as if blind, but advise...

commonsense America isnt racist
03/05/13 11:36 pm

Haven't yet seen a better medical system in the world than ours.

At least here you don't have to wait 6 months to get an X-ray.

03/05/13 11:45 pm

You should check out medical tourism. Several other countries are increasingly becoming destinations for better (quality and cost) medical care.

Six4One Colorado
03/06/13 12:48 pm

@psa314 They are often started or staffed by American trained docs. Their medical tourism programs are not readily available to their own general population either. Plus you have very little legal protection if something goes wrong, where here in the USA you can sue to be a multimillionaire!

DrReid Ever present.
03/05/13 10:00 pm

If we stopped getting involved, people will stop hating us, I do not trust the government to not try and install, pro-US leaders, rather than leaders who will actually serve the people of their own country.

03/05/13 9:57 pm

Stay out of their business. People won't hate us if we leave them alone.

03/05/13 11:40 pm

Bullies do.
Nations can be bullies.

03/05/13 9:52 pm

Maybe we could support pro-democracy in our elections. :P oligarchic republics have little right to force their political beliefs on others. Especially when a lot of our nation's "friends" are despots themselves!

03/05/13 9:39 pm

Why can America stay the f out of foreign countries affairs? We have wasted more money on other countries problems than fixing our own.