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Which should be the higher Federal deficit reduction priority: increasing tax rates or reducing spending?

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08/19/12 6:10 pm

Taxes are what saved this country after the great depression.

ishady 86451132020
08/19/12 1:24 pm

I'm aware of the fact that taxing the rich isn't going to solve our financial mess. I'm just saying the congress calls for cuts in spending while they continue waste money. Seems a bit hypocritical.

ishady 86451132020
08/19/12 1:21 pm

Some of those loopholes are charitable contributions. With all the cuts Romney proposes cutting them might strangle the funds of those institutions that need them. I'm on the fence on that one.

Americaddd Texas
08/19/12 1:15 pm

Easiest way to raise revenues from the rich is to close loop holes that people like me use. If you raise my taxes I will just spend more money on lawyers to re-locate my assets abroad. Few people understand this.

Americaddd Texas
08/19/12 1:11 pm

@ishady taxing the rich won't do much in the way of revenue when compared to spending. This isn't my opinion but rather the opinion of mathematics. You seem fairly knowledgeable, so understand this. The US brings in more revenue than any other country by far. We have a spending problem.

08/19/12 7:43 am

We do not have a revenue issue we have a spending problem, do research. Vote for Romney!

ishady 86451132020
08/19/12 7:05 am

I wonder if taxing the rich would have helped the republican congress pay for millions they wasted trying to repeal Obamacare 30 times. At 24 million a week operating expenses the party of fiscal responsibility isn't looking very responsible.

tvg Worcester, MA
08/18/12 4:22 pm

This is the dumbest question that 19% of users said yes to. HAHA

david suburban DC
08/18/12 10:47 am

Yeah, taxing the rich the way we used to would empty the National Debt in 30 years, how long it took to get to where it is now.

david suburban DC
08/18/12 10:45 am

"Yeah, but lay off MY favorite programs!"

08/17/12 11:15 am

dae5dia; really? Life is hard for some huh? Taxing the rich what Obama is wanting is a joke won't change a damned thing. Wouldn't run the government for 3 days. Lets just use Obamas stash! You know he has free money right?

08/16/12 9:04 pm

Not a question that can be answere in a dichotomy. Way too complicated for that. A balance of both. the people thinking their taxes will go up significantly don't realize that taxing the rich at a reasonable rate will only better their lives.

ishady 86451132020
08/16/12 5:29 am

Blacks and women didn't have the freedoms they do till " social change". Your anachronistic old white folks party doesn't like that. Well too bad.

ishady 86451132020
08/16/12 5:28 am

These " social changes" are happening and denying them doesn't change that fact.

08/15/12 8:42 pm

Yay we all agree with conservative economics - now go vote for Obama because he promises social changes that will never happen!!!!!

08/15/12 11:47 am

I love Obama...not having to work and getting paid to do it is like heaven...although I must admit quite boring

sliston89 Ohio
08/15/12 9:38 am

I'm all for increasing taxes..! For those rich SOB's... And cutting spending on useless military and unlawful acts inflicted by the Feds

ishady 86451132020
08/15/12 6:59 am

The polls don't bear that out. You and I know who he is. A lot of Americans don't.

bnnt Los Angeles
08/14/12 10:38 pm

Actually both, but a much larger proportion should be spending cuts as raising taxes won't solve long term problems. It'll only make things worse.

08/14/12 9:34 pm

Let's throw in across the board 1996 levels of finding for all government agencies!

While I'd argue that many agencies need to be axed completely, 1996 levels of funding is a respectable first step.

08/14/12 9:25 pm

BchSt ... No argument from me! 1996 levels of entitlement and defense spending! Let's go!!!

yoodle Texas
08/14/12 8:01 pm

Cutting spending only slows growth and decrease tax revenue. Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

08/14/12 7:49 pm

Congressional jesters can't agree to disagree and compromise.

08/14/12 7:48 pm

Why need to really fear the fiscal cliff looming at the end of the year. If Congress can't get their act together, we can be expecting a massive tax increases on all Americans and trillions in automatic cuts. That, SOH, is the definition of true austerity. Expect another recession if our woeful

08/14/12 5:50 pm

Ishady read the newspaper sometimes. Evidently Obummers crew got in a bit of a panic because they weren't drawing crowds or at least thats what their own twitters were saying. Good point about Kennedy you know! as little as we know about this Manchurian president it wouldn't surprise anyone.

mcdkm Houston
08/14/12 5:11 pm

The spending has grown way past the point of tax increases making a dent.

Nerdz Texas
08/14/12 4:19 pm

Nobody wants to increase the tax rates

08/14/12 3:43 pm

IShady: anybody that pays any attention to politics heard of him long ago...remember that whole "Ryan Budget" thing that dominated the news a couple years ago?

DavesNotHere where am I
08/14/12 3:19 pm

Modify taxes for a 10 year period where no one or no organization gets tax breaks. No exceptions. Too many not paying fair share.

ishady 86451132020
08/14/12 3:05 pm

10,000 ? Most Americans never heard of him till Saturday.

EIT Near You
08/14/12 2:53 pm

Both will decrease the deficit the quickest, but both won't win the majority of votes. I'm for a smaller and more efficient govt. drop the high wages in favor of adequate wages to sustain the govt officials and work together dropping the political lines.

08/14/12 2:13 pm

a freaking genius! Oh yeah he only knows how to divide not unite! I think he has proven that often enough, who in the hell would want to help him be re-elected from the business world? Even GE has give way more to Romney, hahaha! O's getting 200 people to show at his iowa trip ryan 10,000+

08/14/12 2:09 pm

Ishady yep love big business! The bigger the better, more profit even better. I love how our government passes laws that make it impossible for business to bring their money home and then wonder why, duh! Even dumb assed Bush had a tax holiday back in 04 and repatriated a couple trillion, but O's

08/14/12 2:05 pm

32no; wow! Sorry but maybe you should just stick to kool-ade and stay off the Vodka, damn yeah, you ever read British papers? Look at the average Brits teeth? Read the stories about families losing the elderly because it took two years to get treated for cancer?

08/14/12 2:01 pm

32no; well we are well on the way unless Romney gets elected..

08/14/12 1:07 pm

Spending smarter isn't an option? Also, let's put the defense budget on the table.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
08/14/12 12:57 pm

@Think: Does that include the same levels of national defense spending as well? Pre-1996 and we got a deal!

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
08/14/12 12:56 pm

@joshd: It would also require revenue to pay for that.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
08/14/12 12:55 pm

@geoag: No salary for congress. It's already comprised 50% of millionaires. Now add citizens united ruling and no salary? You'll have nothing but billionaires that can sustain no income for 2 and 6 years!

08/14/12 12:31 pm

Americans are the dumbest people on earth...the U.S already has highest revenues of any country on far. It's like if warren buffet was in debt even with all the billions he makes. You wouldn't say go make more money Warren, you'd say cut spending idiot. It's no different than government.

08/14/12 12:25 pm

For whoever voted "more taxes," how much are you currently donating to the govt above your required taxes? 10% more, 30%?
Oh, you aren't?
Then you're a hypocrite.
Please relocate to the socialist utopia of your choice and stop trying to "save" the rest of us.

ishady 86451132020
08/14/12 10:39 am

Elective surgery takes longer not emergency. You like lawsuits now?

EnginE3r Texas
08/14/12 10:31 am

Plus national healthcare would just cause more spending and more debt

EnginE3r Texas
08/14/12 10:25 am

It has also made it harder and take longer to see a doctor or have an operation. Also, if the government denies you an treatment, you simply have to accept it, you can't sue them for denying you unless they allow you to. You would also be paying for the healthcare of people who don't pay taxes