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03/07/13 10:20 pm

Sunrise...I'm a morning person. I love the hear the birds waking up. It's cheerful.

kenimini The Dreamer
03/09/13 7:28 am

I hear geese when i wake up. Its terrible.
( ????gooses, geeses????. ) lol. ( from willy wonka and the chocolate factory(

03/07/13 6:37 am

The best parties end at sunrise. Ibiza!!!

03/06/13 11:27 pm

You assumed summer; I made no such assumption. Because he made no indication on which to base said assumption.

But, like the comment above mine, don't assume that I have not lived in a given climate just because the state I have listed isn't in said climate. I've lived in or visited a wide variety

03/06/13 11:33 pm

Meant that as a reply, darn the two comment boxes...

03/06/13 1:54 pm

Sunset, because of the potential for the "green flash." Rare, and conditions need to be just right, but no potential at sunrise for the (sun needs to be going down and just below horizon).

03/06/13 2:02 pm

* "no potential at sunrise (sun needs to be going down snd just below horizon)"

getupbaby South City
03/06/13 12:47 pm

Both if you're a fan of Jewish musicals!

03/06/13 12:37 pm

more romantic at sunset. <3

lmurder MDK
03/06/13 10:42 am

AZ sunsets are world class!

gonzoboy Arizona
03/06/13 11:06 am

Agreed L, and up north of you from a different vantage, the sunrises are suitable for framing! We be blessed!

03/06/13 1:37 am

Sunset means its almost the hottest point of the day, therefore sunrise. I wish I could make a habit of getting up earlier every day.

03/06/13 1:57 pm are you defining "hottest point of day?" Because that would technically be in the afternoon in most places (about 12-2) when max radiation reaches the surface. Conversely, the coldest point is just before sunrise (about 4-6 AM) when ground and air heat air both minimal.

03/06/13 2:00 pm

* "air heat are both minimal."

Once the sun sets, longwave radiation from the ground starts to be sole dominant source of heat, so temperature cannot be warmer than afternoon when you have shortwave radiation from sun and longwave radiation from ground combining.

chile safer than congress
03/06/13 3:30 pm

Some places in AZ don't cool off until midnight. Look at summer temperature profiles for Phoenix for a single day

chile safer than congress
03/06/13 3:31 pm

Live it, before your book learning makes you look silly

cairo2 UVM
03/06/13 11:04 pm

I have lived in deserts - 4 years in the Sahara. So don't tell me I don't have experience in those climates, or don't know what I'm talking about.

Regardless, this is why I asked his definition of hottest (not as obvious as it sounds). And meant to ask where in AZ he was citing.

cairo2 UVM
03/06/13 11:11 pm

*Second paragraph should be in third person (in reference to first two comments).

03/06/13 11:18 pm

I also have lived in desert climates, in Cairo (parents are Foreign Service).

The difference between what you (chile4ever) and the OP said is that he implied it was still warming past sunset, while what you said only says that the temperature would be maintained.

03/06/13 11:21 pm

The latter is completely plausible, both out of personal experience in Egypt and in terms of "book learning." The former requires some clarification (which I attempted to gain). Elevation plays a role, for example, but it also depends somewhat on the time of year he was referencing.

03/06/13 11:32 pm

You assumed summer; I made no such assumption because the OP did not make any such direct indication.

But, like the comment above mine, don't make an assumption about where I have lived, or what climates just because the state I have listed isn't in that climate zone.

Jieming Santa Monica
03/05/13 11:13 pm

I choose sunrise because I have rarely seen it.

fourwinds box of rain
03/05/13 10:48 pm

I love sunsets...I'm a hopeless romantic I guess...

03/05/13 9:04 pm

Swiftly fly the years

03/05/13 8:43 pm

3 words: The Green Flash

fourwinds box of rain
03/05/13 10:48 pm

Seen it? I have looked for it many times but haven't yet.

03/06/13 2:05 pm

I have not, but I can tell you the best conditions are flat areas. Ideally, oceans or very large lakes, where there are no orographic effects at all. You would probably have a good chance on a sea day on a cruise, for example. Or looking west from land into the ocean.

03/06/13 2:19 pm

But conditions need to be almost perfect. You need a clear view of the horizon, clear atmosphere (no haze to disrupt refraction of light), and a large thermocline (i.e. over water, hence the large lake or ocean).

03/05/13 8:23 pm

Sunset, I don't get up for sunrise

RayX quit
03/05/13 8:19 pm

My wife likes sunrises so I do too.

hvp828 Carolina girl
03/05/13 7:29 pm

Sunrise on the east coast of FL & then drive to the Gulf side for sunset. Awesome!

fej shades of grey
03/05/13 7:13 pm

The sun rising from behind Mt. Hood. Plus it marks the beginning of another exciting day; a day during which one can make a difference.

03/05/13 6:59 pm

When I was young, sunset, now that I'm older, sunrise. Kind of seems backwards.

03/05/13 6:50 pm

Since I don't like to het up early I have to say sunset

RJ1969 SoCal
03/05/13 6:15 pm

The sun setting on the Pacific Ocean? Are you kidding? It is so beautiful it will make god tear up.

03/05/13 6:15 pm

Everyone sees the sunset all the time. Sunrises are more special.

03/05/13 6:15 pm

This was a tough one... Sunrises are so refreshing and put me in a good mood. I like sunsets best in summer bc it sets later and i can enjoy it bc it's not cold as balls outside. I guess sunsets win

03/05/13 6:07 pm

Go for a run early in the morning where you can see the sunrise clearly. I think you will change your mind.

fourwinds box of rain
03/05/13 10:50 pm

I enjoy sunrise, don't get me wrong, but there's just something mystical about sunset that I love.

WanderLost over the rainbow
03/05/13 5:57 pm

A sunrise is a pure, beautiful start to the day! I find them more peaceful.

cduttwolf New York
03/05/13 5:49 pm

Two years ago I would have sunset but I watched the sun rise on Easter Sunday morning sitting in the sand on an east coast beach. <3 Probably the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

kenimini The Dreamer
03/05/13 5:45 pm

Sunsets have better colors. ????

03/05/13 5:21 pm

Wait?....the sun RISES?!

03/05/13 5:09 pm

If I'm on a beach, sunset. If I'm camping or just out in that kind of nature, sunrise. I don't why.

03/05/13 5:10 pm

Stupid double post, I always do that lol

03/05/13 5:09 pm

If I'm on a beach, sunset. If I'm camping or just out in that kind of nature, sunrise. I don't why.

ravens1 Birdland
03/05/13 5:05 pm

nothing is like a sunrise in Ocean City Maryland, I hope to live Maryland one day, California is so overated and it really sucks

03/05/13 4:48 pm

I'm never awake to see the sunrise

babyboomer1 The flatulance express
03/05/13 4:42 pm

There's nothing more beautiful then a sunset. Sunrise used to be the time you stopped drinking and went home. Watched many a sunrise come up over Lake Michigan as we were putting our clothes back on.

Bekka Just relaxing...
03/05/13 4:33 pm

What is this thing you call sunrise? (Said all the night people)

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
03/05/13 4:23 pm

Sunrise, a momentous beginning to a day that has the opportunity to be great no matter what.

...and it's what we get at the Oceanfront..

03/05/13 4:00 pm

The Alaska demographic makes me chuckle.

thatguy81 here
03/05/13 5:45 pm

Because they only see the sun set twice a year?

Ariella LovePeaceNHappiness
03/05/13 3:34 pm

Sunsets. Nothing beats watching the sky fill up with pinks, reds, oranges and blues as me and the fiancé lay out on the beach. It's the most beautiful when the moon and stars start to show just as the tip of the sun disappears. Sunsets to me are like God painting the coolest painting ever! So pretty

03/05/13 3:51 pm

That sounds beautiful. We get beautiful sunsets, too, but we don't have the beach. ???? I have never seen an ocean. My dream is to walk barefooted in the sand by the beach at sunset in a white wispy dress. (My friends tell me I read too many novels. Haha!)

Ariella LovePeaceNHappiness
03/05/13 4:03 pm

Yes, Illinois does have some very beautiful sunsets. I use to live in Belleville, Illinois, so I know exactly what you mean! Watching the sunset on the beach is beautiful and never gets old! I do hope you get to see the ocean at some point in your life! It's something you just never forget. :)

scrubby New York
03/05/13 3:34 pm

Both-but I had to pick morning.

skschroen always at school
03/05/13 3:21 pm

Sunsets are nice in the summer.... But sunrise is always wonderful no matter what because of what it symbolizes

03/05/13 3:20 pm

Sunsets; you can look at the stars after!

Sakura-chan Reading and Writing.
03/05/13 3:03 pm

I like the colors of the sunset. It's really pretty.

03/05/13 3:01 pm

There's some beauty in the symbolism of a sunset. The end of a day, the end of a chapter...

robotmuffn Phoenix AZ
03/05/13 2:54 pm

There is nothing more beautiful than an Arizona sunset <3

14573 Scary Numbers
03/05/13 2:23 pm

Subset because that means I get to I to bed.

AKBrain psychology rocks
03/05/13 2:05 pm

Sunrise. I don't have to be an early bird to see it. AND there isn't anything better than getting through the morning with the sun rising in your face. In the summer it's nice too because the sun is up way before anyone else! What a great place!!!!