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snagglepuss December 15th, 2017 3:02am

When I was little Mom would read The Night Before Christmas to my younger brother and I before tucking us in. Did your parents/guardians do anything similar?

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snagglepuss Story Time
12/17/17 8:40 am

Those precious Mommy moments. 😺

ladyniner81 no hope for humanity
12/18/17 6:01 am

What's funny was, my mom would go up to read at church and I'd start to get all relaxed to go to sleep 😂😂

lostriver Oregon
12/15/17 6:41 am

My parents didn’t read to my brother and I. But I did to my children and to my grandkids.

snagglepuss Story Time
12/15/17 7:12 am

I’m saddened that your parents didn’t read to you. I am happy that you got to experience that time with your children. It’s a special bonding time. Some of my best memories.

ShakaBrah California
12/14/17 10:48 pm

On Christmas Eve, My two sisters and I would always read The Night Before Christmas, the pop-up book. We would take turns reading each page. I always got in a certain place in line so I got all the good lines.

snagglepuss Story Time
12/15/17 5:25 am

Do you still have that pop up book somewhere?

ShakaBrah California
12/15/17 4:29 pm

Yeah, why?

snagglepuss Story Time
12/15/17 5:55 pm

Do you plan on reading it to your children or keep it as a keepsake?

ShakaBrah California
12/15/17 6:42 pm

I dunno. I won't be having children of my own anytime soon, so I guess it's a dust collecting keepsake on my shelf.

snagglepuss Story Time
12/15/17 6:55 pm

Someday it may be a precious keepsake you want to share with your children.

ShakaBrah California
12/15/17 11:19 pm

Ah. Thanks for the advice!

snagglepuss Story Time
12/16/17 10:25 am

Just a thought from an older woman haha

Zod Above Pugetropolis
12/14/17 8:30 pm

No, but in a way that is one of our Christmas traditions. We have a thirty year (plus) old animated feature that plays the story from a cassette tape while the appropriate windows of the house light and darken in time with it. We play it exactly once a year, late on Christmas Eve, before going to bed.