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TurkeyK December 14th, 2017 10:48pm

If there was a burning building and you could only save one, would you save a two year old baby girl, or 25000 viable embryos?

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TurkeyK Kentucky
12/15/17 6:45 am

Overwhelmingly the 2 year old baby is being saved rather than the 2500 embryos. Does no one in this poll believe life starts at conception? Or is a two year old life worth more than 25000 unborn lives? If the latter, then is a 50 year old life worth more than 2500 48 year old lives?

12/15/17 3:08 pm

An human embryo is very different than an infant. This is only the development through 8 weeks. What makes a someone the person the are is their brain. During the next stage of development, the fetal stage, it isn’t until about week 33 that the brain resembles a human brain. The embryo only has some swellings at the anterior end of the neural tube. These will develop into the brain, but definitely isn’t a brain. While cells of an embryo are human cells developing toward becoming a independent human being, they are not a human being. It is a developmental stage of a human being, incapable of consciousness or any sort of human thought. An embryo and an infant are very different things, and that’s why you save the baby who is a human being. This is also why there is no difference in the 48 and 50 year old. They are both fully formed human beings.

TurkeyK Kentucky
12/15/17 4:32 pm

I know. Im trying to convey the hypocrisy.

ZaQ777 Pittsburgh
12/14/17 6:33 pm

Honestly, probably neither.

44YY Boston, MA
12/14/17 11:12 pm

Wow so edgy

CMChristian gone
12/14/17 4:23 pm

Whose semen even is that!?!? In their own house!!?!?!

mitchman399 Oregon
12/14/17 4:45 pm

You don't store some of yours in the freezer in case of an emergency? I thought everyone did that.

CMChristian gone
12/14/17 4:57 pm

Shit your stash has been compromised!

mitchman399 Oregon
12/14/17 5:03 pm

Crap! I better get started on a new batch!

12/14/17 6:51 pm

Nobody’s sperm.

Basic biology time:😀

The question said embryo. To be an embryo fertilization, sperm uniting with egg, and multiple cell divisions has occurred.