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Landune7 December 13th, 2017 8:14pm

Are worker unions beneficial to society?

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12/16/17 10:22 pm

Definitely not. At one time maybe. Today there are just parasites.

Suzan Hawaii
12/14/17 9:22 am

They have a job to do, then they go to far. So what they once saved they end up destroying.

StanMan26 Minnesota
12/13/17 6:41 pm

Strong unions create a strong middle class and by doing that they help create a stronger and healthier economy.

USAPOLITICS12 Washington
12/15/17 10:15 pm

I would say yes but in my opinion most unions are just to corrupt. I think unions should be regulated more

12/13/17 5:01 pm

100 years ago yes. Now, not at all.

Now they are just another corrupt wing of the Democrat party.

gluxford1 Arizona
12/13/17 4:48 pm

Private ones are, yes. The public ones are too corrupt.

Suzan Hawaii
12/14/17 9:24 am

Sounds like you described the perfect Hawaii union. If you were union leader you are a very rich

Hogoke Constitution
12/13/17 3:41 pm

Optional ones, yes they can be beneficial. Unions that force you to join, no.