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Shazam December 13th, 2017 1:15pm

The news last night said if Moore won, it would be bc AL voters were voting support for DC GOP initiatives - not acceptance of Moore's views. Couldn't it have been both?

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rons screw politicians
12/13/17 6:36 am

Al are republicans but Moore was a homophobe, racist jerk and had sex charges hanging over his head. Glad he lost. Jone will serve two years the back to the norm.

12/13/17 6:27 am

It’s obviously because half of Alabama are heathens and reject Jesus.

44YY Boston, MA
12/13/17 1:32 pm

They reject Jesus by not voting for a child molester?

44YY Boston, MA
12/13/17 1:32 pm

I would the think that the ones who rejected Jesus were the ones that voted for the child molester

mudkip17 United States of Texas
12/13/17 6:18 am

ya "dc initiatives" aka they prefer a pedophile over someone who's pro choice. save the fetus fuck the child (pun intended)