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Survivalistien December 13th, 2017 4:44am

It is my first winter in Finnland, any advice? I posted while ago on my job relocation.

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Jessew Minnesota
12/26/17 12:45 am

Here’s some advice: go fuck yourself.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
12/13/17 6:10 pm

Do what your new friends and neighbors do. They've already figured out what works and how to have fun.

Survivalistien I am Green and Retired
12/13/17 8:48 pm

Ski. Make fire, suana and repeat.

RussianThunder Russia and USA
12/13/17 7:29 am

Buy snowshoes
Get good skis
Dress in layers that can be shed easily
Keep your ears and fingers warm at all times
Fresh air is good for your lungs...breath deeply every once in a while
Visit all local areas you can and experience different cultures.
Experience the sauna culture.

I grew up about 700km from the arctic circle. I love snow and cold. I was about 400km from Helsinki.

I love Finland very much. It’s one of my favorite countries.

Survivalistien I am Green and Retired
12/13/17 8:29 am

I’m in Saariselkä. So it’s far from Helsinki. Appreciate the advice, also by nature some how I’m immune to most cold weather. You could find me wearing shorts and a light T shirt in -6 C weather but Finland takes it to new level like Russia. So far it’s snowing out still and it is -6 C out. Not to bad. Just waiting for it to get around -30 C then I’ll really experience it.

RussianThunder Russia and USA
12/13/17 10:30 am

I know Saarisela. They have dog sled races there. Do you work in the tourist industry?

Survivalistien I am Green and Retired
12/13/17 10:42 am

No but that is large industry here. I work at the power plant as electrical engineer.

Survivalistien I am Green and Retired
12/13/17 11:26 am

Also I kinda made my neighbours think I’m slav because I’m Scots Celtic, my hair is black and my skin is little bit olive colour and I have bushy eyebrows and hairy arms. But yesterday durring the snow I brewed some tea in a Semevora and it was good. They think I’m a Russian but I’m far from it lol.

RussianThunder Russia and USA
12/13/17 4:08 pm

I’m a Slav. I have very pale skin, blue eyes and blonde hair. Most of my classmates had pale skin, light eyes and light hair. Some had black hair and eyes but it was the Jewish public school so we were all Jews as well as Slavs.

Wert A picture of my junk
12/12/17 10:05 pm

First, I’d learn how to spell “Finland”.


Survivalistien I am Green and Retired
12/13/17 8:30 am

Sorry English. Am learning the language and their rules are different.

12/12/17 9:51 pm

Good luck?
My friend lives in Sweden and says he has snow til May❄️well, snow is pretty.
REI is having a good sale now🙂
Snow shoes are very hip in Maine.
You can ride a snow mobile, that’s super fun

Survivalistien I am Green and Retired
12/12/17 9:54 pm

In Finnland well my area, I’m 40k in the Arctic circle and it’s nothing but lakes, mountains and beautiful forestry and it’s a white winter every year. I’m from mid area Scotland and it gets below freezing generally but this is new level of below freezing. Other than that I like it here.

12/12/17 10:03 pm

I think it sounds neat, genuinely.
I’ve heard nice things about the Finns as well, in terms of their cooperative society overall.