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Cole12 December 10th, 2017 11:50pm

60% of Christmas decorations in the world are made in the city of Yiwu. Here, laborers work 12 hour days for as little as $270/month. One factory overflows with red dust, & its employees go through many face masks a day to avoid breathing it in.

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Domino3 Abolish the ATF
12/11/17 2:19 pm

Well go to China and fix the problem.

xxxceo Nationalist
12/10/17 7:09 pm

Those are elves. It makes them happy to help Santa. Stop oppressing them with your bigotry.

xxxceo Nationalist
12/10/17 7:38 pm

Lol I had to distract myself from the #civility convo. Anyway, did you see the picture of that dude in the article below? If his hair doesn’t look like elven ears I don’t know what does.

voc I am...what I am
12/10/17 7:40 pm

Lol! Yes it does!

12/10/17 6:38 pm

Thanks to the little Christmas village in China


Zach21 California
12/10/17 5:36 pm

And? What do you suggest we do? Boycott Christmas decorations?

Ebola1 Florida
12/10/17 5:11 pm

What’s your point?

12/11/17 1:10 pm

Maybe that we should buy Christmas decorations with “Made in America” stickers?

12/11/17 1:15 pm

Just kidding! Cole hates America.

ScenarioNations California
12/10/17 5:11 pm

You're bahumbuging all over the Christmas gifts

Cole12 ...
12/10/17 4:52 pm

Western consumerism is disgusting.

Ebola1 Florida
12/10/17 6:35 pm

If not for that job Wei couldn’t get married. Your Chinese racism is showing.

OhTheIrony Learning from you
12/10/17 6:46 pm

It also raises their incomes by creating a job. If they choose to work there, I don't see why this is a problem.

Honestly, they're probably the richest people in their small town.

Nemacyst No Lives Matter
12/10/17 8:53 pm

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