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CMD1973 Oxford iowa
12/15/17 7:29 pm

Yes, now. My husband died 15 years ago.

presrvd Phoenix
12/12/17 1:00 pm

Tried to vote 'yes', but the wife thought differently...

PrincessPetal Austin, TX
12/10/17 11:45 pm

Sort of yes, sort of no. #itscomplicated

12/10/17 9:13 am

I will be for life at this point. I been turned down by girls since high school and I already feel suicidal as a result. So fuck them, for my own sanity and well-being they can just fucking stay away from me i hate all of them. They infuriate me. At this point id rather have a cavity than a gf.

EarlyBird Portland
12/10/17 7:54 am

I’m single but not interested in dating right now. I have my hands full at home.

bower8899 ...
12/10/17 12:33 am

Yo bet. Girls, any of you looking to go gay?

Red4799 Asking the Big Questions
12/10/17 5:45 pm

I'm a guy, but I'm pretty. Does that count 😂

ShakaBrah California
12/09/17 11:17 pm

Single as a Pringle... yet in the tube, the pringles are all humping each other

monkees19 New Jersey
12/09/17 10:05 pm

My wife says no

Kay41 the Midwest
12/09/17 9:59 pm

No, I've been with my husband since 1986.

jakecrs905 Long Island, NY
12/09/17 9:53 pm

Yeah, for now. Could be changing, but it also might not work out. Nevertheless, I'm single and ready to mingle ;)

Red4799 Asking the Big Questions
12/10/17 5:46 pm

More like single and ready for a Pringle