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hellofabird December 10th, 2017 2:44am

America, which is a nation of individual liberty and a nation of immigrants, two things incompatible with white nationalism

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Cherepaxa Thirdworld and firstworld
12/10/17 9:06 am

Unfortunately for many, Amerika has historically been a nation of white supremacy. Most want to move to a better world but that means changing the foundation of the nation we live in.

ComradeJames nationalism
12/10/17 6:41 am

Huh? White Amerikans owned slaves for hundreds of years.

12/10/17 6:21 am

How many “white nationalists” can there be??? 12 ?? Why is this a problem. Oh yeah - msm says they are everywhere

12/10/17 6:23 am

I’m more worried about Antifa fascists. My 2 college kids say everyone in college is Antifa, blm, code pink, radical environmentalist, pro abortion, pro Palestinian, pro Muslim, anti white male , 4th wave feminist radicals.

LazySteelworker USA
12/10/17 6:27 am

If everyone in college is one of those things, which ones are your kids?

12/10/17 6:40 am

Keeping their mouths shut and trying to study. My kids are not any of those things. My son feels ostracized by most for being center right, or for believing in the constitution

12/10/17 6:40 am

I’m sure it’s not “everyone”, but it feels that way to them

LazySteelworker USA
12/10/17 6:47 am

So your kids are liars then, got it.

DecayedState Putting the W in SJW
12/10/17 8:37 am

Unfortunately, white nationalists are starting to be more rampant. There were hundreds in Charolettevilles and it seems every month there's a failed terror attack by one of them. Once you leave college you'll see that there's more. Hey they've actually killed people. How many has AntiFa killed?

Luftwaffe South of Heaven
12/10/17 9:06 am

People is the plural version of person, in which only one person was killed by a former Army vet who wasn't affiliated with any one particular White Nationalist group. Antifa, has by far, in the US and Western Europe, caused more property damage and more of a disturbance, than White Nationalists.

DecayedState Putting the W in SJW
12/10/17 9:32 am

You're forgetting the two people in Portland who were killed at the beginning of this year as well.

The white nationalist terrorist at Charoletteville was a member of Vanguard America. He was carrying around a shield with their emblem.

Sure AntiFa causes more property damage, but I think we can agree that murder and terrorism is a far worse crime than breaking some windows.

Luftwaffe South of Heaven
12/10/17 10:00 am

I haven't researched the 2 people in Portland, and he was not a member of Vanguard America, he just carried around the free stuff they were distributing. It's like claiming someone who was wearing a Republican t shirt, but isn't registered with the Republican Party is a Republican.

Antifa has killed people in Western Europe.

DecayedState Putting the W in SJW
12/10/17 10:19 am

Regardless so if he was an actual member or just claimed to be, he held white nationalist views. His violence was just a natural acting out of his ideology, and that of white nationalist everywhere. Besides there are plenty of Republicans and Democrats who ascribe to those political ideology who aren't card carrying members.

Who has AntiFa killed?

The 3 murders we've talked about are not the only ones. I haven't brought in the hundreds killed by various groups over the past couple decades.

Luftwaffe South of Heaven
12/10/17 10:49 am

By that logic one could claim the person who shot at Republican Congressmen was a Democrat.

The person who shot up a church in Texas was an atheist, should those murders be accounted to the Atheist movement?

Nationalism doesn't promote violence.

DecayedState Putting the W in SJW
12/10/17 11:42 am

The person who did shoot those Congressmen was a Democrat. The man who shot up that church was also an atheist. The difference is that white nationalism is inherently violent whereas democratic ideology and atheism are not.

Nationalism itself isn't necessarily violent but when nationalism becomes based on vague racial definitions rather than a clearly defined nationality, it becomes easy to commit violence. You can definitely who a German is through language, a Japanese person through historical ties, etc. But who counts as a white person? Who counts as an African or an Asian? Is it geographical? Is it genetic? Or is it something else. Due to this vagueness racial nationalist regimes have had to come up with ways to define who is a "true" (insert race here.) This will always lead to violence of some sort whether it's blatant genocide or forced removal of a group deemed outside the nation for arbitrary reasons.

otto Olean, NY
12/10/17 4:23 am

Agree, but the question seems like nothing more than a snarky commentary on rampant white nationalism in America. Which is not the case. Yes, we still have some KKK-type holdovers, but they are harder to find than BLM members. It is certainly not a defining characteristic of America.

But, to add to the question, socialism is even more incompatible with individual liberty. By definition.

snagglepuss Story Time
12/10/17 1:16 am

Best poll I’ve ever seen! Yay! I totally agree! 👏🏽

Alcerus fascist
12/10/17 12:10 am

You can have individual liberty and white nationalism. You'd just have to get rid of the non-whites first, those who remain are free to do whatever just as before

theNobamist Silicon Valley
12/09/17 11:45 pm

How does individual liberty become white nationalism? Isn't everyone an individual?

12/10/17 6:14 am

Maybe the best poll response I've ever read.

12/09/17 10:09 pm

What “white nationalism “?!

hellofabird Iceland
12/10/17 7:45 am

That’s actually the point of what I’m saying in the poll. People automatically attribute white nationalism to conservatism. When we aren’t conserving whiteness. We’re conserving the individual liberties and different cultures that make America what it is

Luftwaffe South of Heaven
12/09/17 8:03 pm

Your question, with is filled with historical misconceptions and strawman arguments, is incompatible with being taken seriously.

hellofabird Iceland
12/09/17 8:04 pm

Is it? Which parts?

Luftwaffe South of Heaven
12/10/17 7:51 am

For example, white nationalism is just the belief that whites need to organize as a community and advance our own interests. This is compatible with the current US system, as organizations like the NCAAP and La Raza do for other races, without infringing on personal liberties.

Second, we're not a nation made for everyone historically, our Founding Fathers, and the majority of our presidents did not hold that belief. Our first immigration law written in 1790 limited immigration to "free whites of good character". Many of the Founding Fathers who were against slavery were in favor of deporting all the blacks in the US to Africa, it was called the American Colonization Society. In the 1800s we literally massacred and displaced Native Americans, annexed their lands, purely for the reason for White America living space. This had a majority support in the US. We had laws excluding Chinese immigrants til the 1940s, tried to put an entire race (Japs) in concentration camps, etc.

Luftwaffe South of Heaven
12/10/17 7:54 am

In our history, the first time we stopped immigration laws that limited immigration from non white areas was in the 1960s under JFK. For over 200 years we were a nation of White Supremacy, let alone White Nationalism. To say White Nationalism is incompatible with American identity is like saying that fireworks is incompatible with the 4th of July.

hellofabird Iceland
12/10/17 8:04 am

I’m saying it’s incompatible with conservatism. Conservatives don’t care to conserve fascism and racism. In fact we’re one of the first countries to define our selves by voluntary association rather than by geography, ethnicity, or culture. We then created our own unique culture from the input of the many different ethnicities that make up America.

So white nationalist ideology has no place in conservatism.

Conservatism is about conserving our inalienable rights as human beings and Americans

Luftwaffe South of Heaven
12/10/17 9:03 am

No, your original claim was that it wasn't compatible with the United States, not conservatism. Do not change your argument when you clearly stated it in your poll.

Are you saying Ronald Reagan, Theodore Roosevelt, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Richard Nixon, Eisenhower, etc. we're not conservatives? The majority of them were a part of the Republican party.

Luftwaffe South of Heaven
12/10/17 9:03 am

All of them were racists or defended White Nationalism.

hellofabird Iceland
12/10/17 9:23 am

Actually in my poll, I’ll be it not entirely clear. Was not even taking a stance towards white nationalism in America. You know how I know? I made the poll! From when I posted it it was about American values and what conservatives want to conserve. They don’t want to conserve white nationalism or racism because those aren’t American values...

And I’ll give you Nixon, but I’d like to see what you have to support that the others were racist or supported white nationalism. Though it doesn’t matter if people who claim to be one thing don’t follow the values that conservatism is about. Conservatism isn’t about conserving racism.

Luftwaffe South of Heaven
12/10/17 9:57 am

Ronald Reagan literally vetoed a bill by Congress that was trying to boycott Apartheid South Africa, that's literally proof he was sympathetic towards White Nationalism. Your poll mentions American Values, and I've proven that throughout history, American values have been about advancing or preserving the intrests of White Americans til around the 1960s. You can't just make up shit about equality in the past 60 years and claim that was all of American history.

hellofabird Iceland
12/10/17 10:35 am

Those people aren’t what make America America. Every great thing that makes Americans proud to be American and guarantees peoples individual liberties is what makes America great. That’s what conservatives want to conserve. If you actually think conservatism is about promoting white nationalism or white culture. You’ve been misled.