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Did you follow any of the E3 video game conference? 

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monkeyy Ohio
06/14/12 8:08 pm

What's the e3 video conference? Yes I know we've already established that I live in a cave……

06/12/12 9:30 pm

@pallindrone mw3 is great graphics are intense i just play the multiplayer part though alot harder than blackops more realistic

Kingtoast Utah
06/12/12 12:09 am

Yeah it was kind of lukewarm for nintendo. The wii u looks great and all but we didn't get important facts like price and release date. Plus they only showed 3 or so first party 3ds games. They do look like good games but we've know about them for a while.

optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
06/11/12 8:33 pm

21%of males and 5% of females... I know why! They r too busy staying in the kitchen making me some samwhiches!

palindrome California
06/11/12 12:56 pm

reason I might buy it is for the zombies, and even THAT looks stupid this time around.
Still havent played mw3 tho :( is it good?

palindrome California
06/11/12 12:56 pm

Black ops 2 looks dumb imo. It was dumb to begin with. Very slacking. Their Mi-24 Hind helicopters in that game weren't even accurate. The story was trash and it made me want to vomit with how much Cold War propaganda was in it... And now they're making a game set in the future? Bleh... The only

06/10/12 8:05 pm

Assassins Creed III!

06/10/12 5:55 pm

seeing as in going into the video game industry id be a fool not to. nintendos lost their damn minds.

bstokosa Connecticut
06/10/12 7:27 am

I haven't the foggiest idea what an E3 video game conference is?????

kristea Denton, TX
06/10/12 6:56 am

Didn't have to. My husband did for me & told me the interesting points.

06/10/12 6:34 am

first its all new boards graphics look more like mw3 so its going to be much better and i am playing black ops already

14573 Scary Numbers
06/10/12 4:42 am

@janarus I don't know, it's set in the future and they show cased some vehicles that look like they should be driven by master chief.

06/10/12 12:13 am

If you can't wait for lack ops 2 then just play black ops 1; it's essentially the same game. Those shooters never really change; zero creativity. IMO CoD: World at War is better than any of the other CoDs. By far the most balanced.

06/09/12 9:41 pm

cant wait until blackops 2 comes out

gogators Florida
06/09/12 6:18 pm

People insult soccer on the previous question for being boring, but not a conference solely about video games

06/09/12 6:13 pm

just like to keep everyone informed!

TallyLu80 Oklahoma
06/09/12 4:47 pm

roybiker12- and....what does that have to do with the question?

06/09/12 3:47 pm

AC3 and Liberation and Watch Dogs and Tomb Raider and The Last of Us and Elder Scrolls Online and Dream Drop Distance... Oh my!

06/09/12 2:26 pm

We have Europe to thank for showing us our future if Obama continues on the social welfare state policy trend. Higher unemployment, more poverty, more misery.

snafu Washington
06/09/12 2:19 pm

I paused a couple of times on G4 while flipping through channels but I am not interested. A friend of mine workers for a gaming company and he was there working so I read his FB posts about it.
I like video games but don't want to watch any conferences about it.

06/09/12 1:09 pm

Check female and male filters. Btw I dont.

hippiedude fields of green
06/09/12 12:33 pm

And the Last of Us. I love the Uncharted series so it should be awesome

hippiedude fields of green
06/09/12 12:31 pm

Didnt follow it but I cant wait for NHL 13 :)

06/09/12 11:31 am

It was one of the worst E3's in memory. Nothing wowed me beyond a couple of interesting looking games. And my god there was so much dancing.

jordan New York
06/09/12 9:40 am

Halo + new GOW, who wouldn't watch?

06/09/12 8:20 am

AC3 looked cool. At first I thought I wouldn't like it.

connollixor Lander, WY
06/09/12 8:10 am

It wasn't too spectacular though, so ah well.

connollixor Lander, WY
06/09/12 8:09 am

Hey, I did! And I'm a girl... Why is the map so goddamn red???

raywygo Pittsburgh
06/09/12 6:44 am

There was nothing amazing this year. Just a lot of games I don't play

barbearnj Dreaming of Banff
06/09/12 3:14 am

If I had known about it I would have as I am a recreational gamer. Especially cell phone and handhelds.

06/09/12 12:27 am

Its a conference where some of the largest game developers (Nintendo, Microsoft, etc) reveal big plans for the near future - like new platforms or games. Anyone who plays video games knows of it.

06/08/12 11:17 pm

I have never heard of this, don't have a clue!

Destroyer Instillation 04
06/08/12 10:49 pm

I missed it! :'( But I saw everything I needed to on the G4 app.