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TCheyenne December 9th, 2017 5:18am

Do you have intentions to start your very own business someday?

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Suzan Hawaii
12/09/17 8:00 am

Already have

chinito Florida
12/09/17 7:32 am

I already do

Ebola1 Florida
12/09/17 6:35 am

Been there; done that.

political Georgia
12/09/17 6:19 am


No - but I would like to be a partner one day.

gluxford1 Arizona
12/09/17 4:58 am

Nah, I just want to be the GM at one of my company's resorts here in Arizona.

bower8899 ...
12/08/17 10:35 pm

Business implies a goal of profit, so I'll go with no

bower8899 ...
12/09/17 3:38 am

No, I would just prefer a non-profit thing. Being rich would be nice, although I probably am the type that's too generous to get there...

bower8899 ...
12/09/17 4:36 am

Oh god. I'm definitely not the breadwinner/dominant in any relationship haha.

bower8899 ...
12/09/17 4:39 am

In other words, if anybody is going to be the "sugar momma" in the relationship, it's going to be my partner