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Harry3603 Tampa Bay Florida.
12/09/17 5:33 am

No, there is too much money involved and too many people willing to do anything to get their share.

Wert A picture of my junk
12/08/17 9:09 pm

Gave my Wurlitzer to a small church.

susanr Colorado
12/10/17 10:34 pm

Makes me wonder what happened to my ex-mother-outlaw's organ.

Or her harpsichord (the one her son built). Or her baby grand piano.

No, seriously. It's hard to imagine the family selling them, but I suppose they might. If they donated them, I wonder to whom.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
12/08/17 7:33 pm

Not yet. Someday, but by then I'll be gone.

rons screw politicians
12/08/17 6:22 pm

I donated a guitar once.

susanr Colorado
12/08/17 5:59 pm

I'm listed as an organ donor on my state ID card, but I don't think anything will be usable because of some issues with my health. It's possible some parts could still be used. (And yes, even some of old people's bodies can be useful, although usually not whole organs like heart, liver, kidneys. After my dad died at almost 87, we arranged for donation of tissues. They were able to use corneas, tendons and cartilage, and if I remember correctly, also bone. So don't ever let old age be a deterrent, if you're considering organ or tissue donation for yourself or a relative if you're the next of kin and you asked to make the decision, as I was.)

I'm willing to donate my body to scientific research instead, for any purpose for which it could be used, though. I imagine I ought to get that sorted out sooner rather than later.


Chante97 Detroit
12/08/17 5:12 pm

No but I should be. Don't really have any use for them after I'm dead

theNobamist Silicon Valley
12/08/17 5:09 pm

Can't be due to my blood cancer.

Robert97206 Portland Oregon
12/08/17 4:22 pm

Not yet. I think you have to die first.

susanr Colorado
12/08/17 6:09 pm

Not necessarily. It's been possible to donate one kidney or part of a liver while you're still alive for some time, and more recently parts of other organs have also been transplanted (pancreas, lung, intestine). That's a *very* big commitment, though, and is most often done to help a relative (either directly when you're a compatible match, or in a sort of chain-reaction series of transplants, if you're willing but not compatible), but sometimes a person just does it out of sheer benevolence.

Bone marrow is renewable and can be harvested and donated while one is alive, as well as blood, of course.

But to donate multiple whole organs, or a single essential one - yeah, you do have to be dead.


Robert97206 Portland Oregon
12/08/17 7:29 pm


^^ that made my day.

Here i am being a smart a$$ and you have to go out smart me.

susanr Colorado
12/10/17 10:35 pm


I did think your comment was funny, but thought it deserved a serious answer, too.

pof over my moms knee
12/08/17 4:22 pm

Why give away what sells for thousands on black market? Idiots!