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RingBearer December 8th, 2017 4:49am

Should we switch recognition of the official government of China (People’s Republic of China) back to Taiwan (Republic of China)?

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gow488 Wisconsin
12/07/17 10:07 pm

Unless Taiwan starts Ruling over mainland china no. Having a good relationship with the worlds second most powerful country is more important than having a good relationship with a small island in the pacific.

RingBearer Draper, Utah
12/07/17 10:11 pm

Taiwan’s government is technically still China’s but in exile. The CCP will definitely retaliate, but it’ll help spread our values of supporting successful implementations of democracy (like in Taiwan and what the KMT did).

gow488 Wisconsin
12/07/17 10:23 pm

Spreading our values is nice and all but a big conflict with china over a symbolic recognition of Taiwan just isn't worth the trouble.