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gow488 December 7th, 2017 8:49pm

In 2010 one bitcoin cost $0.003. Today the price of one bitcoin is over $16,000. Do you own any bitcoins?

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44YY Boston, MA
12/07/17 10:36 pm

The market is too volatile. Every time it hits a milestone number it drops by $1k immediately and it will crash soon

liam2013 iowa
12/07/17 2:25 pm

Fake money. It will implode.

Cole12 ...
12/07/17 2:18 pm

No. I know 3 people who own/have owned them. One owned a few and lost them all, one bought 2 for speculation and sold 1 after doubling his money (still owns the other), and one used Bitcoin for drug purchases (don't think he held them for the long-term, so I don't know if he still has any).

mcable Lost in Translation
12/07/17 2:12 pm

I owned 20 when they were 5 bucks a piece. Oh well!!

gow488 Wisconsin
12/07/17 1:53 pm

No. Although I do know a person who got 200 bitcoins back when they were basically worthless but he sold them when the price went up to $4. He could have been a multimillionaire if he waited a few years.

OhTheIrony Learning from you
12/08/17 3:19 pm

While it's true that your friend could have been a multimillionaire if he had held bitcoin, that line of thinking assumes that he made the wrong decision.

At the time of selling his bitcoin, he may have evaluated the risk vs reward of the currency and decided that it wasn't worth it. Considering its highly speculative nature and extreme volatility, this was honestly probably the right decision back then.

gow488 Wisconsin
12/08/17 3:52 pm

I think you're assuming a lot from my comment.

OhTheIrony Learning from you
12/08/17 3:53 pm

That's fair, I probably misinterpreted it.