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snagglepuss Story Time
12/07/17 1:03 am

I 💛 Bernie. He’s a voice of the people. He isn’t owned by lobbyists. He encourages people to stand up and participate.

Trump is a sad shell of a person. He’s like a mirage in the desert.


12/06/17 8:37 pm

Good to see America isnt lost yet. Socialism never works ppl! I know it sounds great in theory, and it probably would work if EVERYONE contributed but that has never been the case. I don't understand how intelligent ppl can think socialism would work in America, but they do and it's alarming. Capitalism allows the economic "pie" to GROW. Socialism divides the "pie" equally among the citizens but doesn't encourage growth and innovation like capitalism does

12/06/17 9:09 pm

Socialism turned two incredibly backwards countries, czarist Russia and china into global superpowers in a matter of decades

12/06/17 9:20 pm

No. They were backwards because of socialism, under which 200+ million civilians were killed between the 2 countries. Only after Reagan and Thatcher intervened did the Soviet Union turn around. And although China calls itself communist, it's economy is entirely capitalistic. Hence the reason they have thrived in recent decades

Zaramoth A Damn Commie
12/06/17 10:43 pm

200 million is an insane lie of a number. However one of your points is close to right. The USSR and China were both State Capitalist countries, not socialist or communist. State Capitalist is a sort of partially socialized capitalism.

The United States needs full and real communism now. There's no scarcity of vital goods anymore, there's no reason to limit access to food, homes, clothes, education and healthcare.

12/06/17 10:58 pm

After a quick Google search I see 78 million died under Mao and approximately 20 million under Stalin. So I guess my estimate was an exaggeration but 98 million is a significant number nonetheless.

I will grant you that the changing climate does suggest we need to move towards socialism because at some point there will be more ppl in the US than there are legitimate jobs. And as robots take many of our jobs it would make sense to move towards socialism, and I honestly don't know what is going to happen in that regard, but the capitalist in me says other jobs will surface and capitalism will overcome yet again, but we are entering uncharted territory when it comes to robotics and artificial intelligence and how they will affect job growth (or shrinkage) and the case for socialism/communism in the US is starting to become more reasonable by the day... But capitalism will certainly continue it's run until trumps termS are finished (barring assassination that is)

Chante97 Detroit
12/06/17 7:32 pm

I'm glad that every Democrat agreed on Bernie

12/06/17 7:10 pm

Spread this around and upvote it so we can gather more information!

LeftLibertarian The Age of Outrage
12/06/17 7:02 pm

I see a wannabe social democrat and a clown made of mummified foreskin and old corn silk.