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jarod December 7th, 2017 1:35am

Today, the House of Representatives passed a bill loosening gun restrictions and allowing those with permits to carry concealed weapons to legally travel with those firearms to other states. Good move?

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ZaQ777 Pittsburgh
12/07/17 6:51 am

I support interstate consistency, but the restrictiveness went in the complete wrong direction.

12/06/17 9:34 pm

Constitutional Carry nationwide and no state can say shit about it. Make it a federal ruling that overrides every state’s wishes. No permit fees, no carry permit needed. Take whatever firearms you want from any state to any state.

kenzbt New York
12/07/17 6:08 am

If it’s “Constitutional” why do we a new law?

knetzere Illinois
12/07/17 8:47 am

We shouldn’t need one but somehow that phrase in the second amendment got ignored some time ago

catpillow Florida West Coast
12/06/17 9:07 pm

I’m not up on this. I have to wonder how this can work without removing control of licensing from the states.

There are plenty of people wanting to move, but stuck living in one state because their professional licenses aren’t valid in other states.

presrvd Phoenix
12/06/17 9:40 pm

They're free to move to AZ. We have no licensing requirements, no permits necessary to open carry or conceal carry...

catpillow Florida West Coast
12/06/17 9:45 pm

I’m just grumpy because I had to move from state to state several times and my optometry license didn't transfer, so I had to keep getting new ones. One national license would have been so much easier for me.

presrvd Phoenix
12/06/17 9:46 pm

I agree. I'm rather curious now as to why that isn't standard....

knetzere Illinois
12/07/17 8:41 am

The bill says that a person who is eligible(has license/const. carry) to carry in their state of residence can carry in other states that have some for of carry.

It doesn’t change state laws or require new licensing systems and all the state laws still apply

knetzere Illinois
12/07/17 8:45 am

The same system could be applied for professional licenses say if you lived near to the border and wanted to work across state lines. As you said you had to get a new license when you moved, this is the same with the reciprocity bill

jfish82285 Tennessean in Colorado
12/06/17 8:30 pm

Next, why don’t we make it so that drivers can drive peaks speed limits from their home state in a state their visiting?

knetzere Illinois
12/06/17 8:53 pm

That would be a great analogy if that’s what the bill said

You would know if you had gotten informed before making a comment

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
12/06/17 9:46 pm

Sorry, SoH placed my comment here instead of at the to of the list. It’s getting glitchier every day.

zimmy Florida
12/06/17 8:04 pm

Doesn’t have to get through the Senate?

jarod California
12/06/17 8:08 pm

I believe so.

zimmy Florida
12/06/17 8:10 pm

I’m guessing the Democrats will filibuster, it has no chance.

jarod California
12/06/17 8:11 pm

I misread your comment. It does have to go through both the Senate and House of Representatives. The bill doesn't need to be exactly the same however, only similar.

Hogoke Constitution
12/06/17 7:01 pm

Keeping our country safe one step at a time 🇺🇸

12/06/17 6:43 pm

Bought and paid for by the NRA. No lives matter.

Malekithe Bedrock
12/06/17 7:11 pm

Good for them

knetzere Illinois
12/06/17 8:54 pm

The nra also sponsored the other half of the bill which strengthens background checks

knetzere Illinois
12/06/17 8:54 pm

But pleas continue your sad little rant