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rons December 6th, 2017 11:08pm

Because Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israels capital the Arabs countries may ban the Jews from building synagogs on Arab lands.

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Robert97206 Portland Oregon
12/10/17 9:56 pm

Trump honers a law thats was past over a decade ago...

Robert97206 Portland Oregon
12/11/17 6:15 am

Ya. Msm didnt report on this at all did they?

Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995

Still think tunein to a single media source a good thing?

chinito Florida
12/08/17 4:38 am

They already made the Jews leave. Nobody left to build anything.

Harry3603 Tampa Bay Florida.
12/09/17 5:56 am

They discard Bibles at Customs. They are intolerant as it is. What Arab country allows Synagogues?

rons screw politicians
12/07/17 6:05 am

It’s a joke. They haven’t built any synagogs in years.

Alcerus fascist
12/06/17 11:07 pm

How do you figure? There's a huge mosque in Jerusalem.

rons screw politicians
12/07/17 6:06 am

How many synagogs in Saudi Arabia? Mosque are for muslims. But that’s not the question.

rons screw politicians
12/06/17 8:15 pm

I thought that was a pointed poll. I think in odd ways sometimes.

zimmy Florida
12/06/17 4:47 pm

It’s already banned!

rons screw politicians
12/06/17 4:48 pm

I know! Just checking.

12/06/17 4:17 pm

They already do.

rons screw politicians
12/06/17 4:49 pm

Just checking!