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TheVCPost December 4th, 2017 9:53pm

Election Report Summary: MrJonahSmith admits on faking votes on a straw poll he made on this news network. He made himself look like he was in the lead by a lot more than he was.

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xxxceo Nationalist
12/04/17 5:40 pm

It seems like he’s always up to something he shouldn’t be doing. Why don’t you guys just ban him?

MrAmerica Peaceful protestor
12/05/17 7:44 am

He was banned, then unbanned. This is news from what happened a while ago.

MrAmerica Peaceful protestor
12/04/17 3:07 pm

Hey! I was right, despite what the naysayers said.

political Georgia
12/04/17 2:57 pm

Is he up to mischief again?

bower8899 ...
12/04/17 2:58 pm

This was last election season

12/04/17 3:06 pm

This was from the investigation report that came out in the last hour. He did this in the last election. We are just summarizing what the report said.