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omniku December 4th, 2017 5:06pm

You meet someone who is friendly, courteous, and kind... an all around great person! After knowing them for a while you discover they are racist, but otherwise their personality is the same. Are they still a great person?

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omniku dot com
12/11/17 9:05 am

You don’t consider racism to be a major character flaw?

Robert97206 Portland Oregon
12/11/17 10:07 am

Sure, i can see it as a possible character flaw. No one's perfect.

citethesource Socialist and Atheist
12/08/17 11:41 am

I had a friend who I met through gaming. We participated in the local game store tournaments and gaming sessions. I liked him.

After several months he sent me a friend request on FB.


Men’s Rights activist, racist screeds; the whole terrible nine yards.

Yeah, we aren’t friends any longer and thankfully he apparently doesn’t feel comfortable coming into the store anymore.

Good riddance.


omniku dot com
12/09/17 7:25 am

Men’s rights activists somehow make me gag and laugh simultaneously.

RussianThunder Russia and USA
12/04/17 6:16 pm

I come from Russia. Most people are lilly white there. Racism, homophobia, anti-semitism etc., all rather common, sadly

sea California
12/04/17 1:46 pm

This is how I feel about most of the Democrats in my life.

omniku dot com
12/04/17 4:34 pm

I’m not sure I follow. Wanna elaborate?

sea California
12/04/17 6:41 pm

They are nice people in general but they have harmful ideas.

omniku dot com
12/05/17 6:23 am

I wouldn’t equate Democrats (or Republicans) with racism though. There’s a big difference between having a differing political view and racism. Racism is unacceptable.


OhTheIrony Learning from you
12/04/17 1:05 pm

Yes, racism is something almost everyone has to consider about themselves, including minorities.

No one is perfect. Most of us are racist.

omniku dot com
12/04/17 4:08 pm

I get your point because there is a certain amount of learned, societal racism that is generally subconscious. It’s been shown in studies. However, there’s a BIG difference between the subtle racism that (currently) imbues society and outright racism. The subtle racism is also slowly beginning to evaporate, which is encouraging.

I also think it’s dangerous to claim “everybody is racist” because it gives a free pass to actual racists.


OhTheIrony Learning from you
12/05/17 9:23 am

There is obviously nuance to racism. I think right wing racism is definitely the biggest issue right now. White supremacy is still around and many people still don't understand that black people need to be treated with respect.

However, the left is also racist towards white people and much this is excused because many on the left don't think minorities can be racist to white people. This has to be stopped as well.

think4yourself Not a safe space
12/04/17 12:48 pm

Are they actually a racist or just someone who believes in equality so they are labeled a racist by the left?

omniku dot com
12/04/17 4:05 pm

No, they’re actually racist.

CMChristian gone
12/04/17 12:42 pm

On a scale of one to ten racist and to what race?

Domino3 Abolish the ATF
12/04/17 2:04 pm

Why would I️t matter what race...

CMChristian gone
12/04/17 2:32 pm

Because certain races have thier perks.

PointB Libertarian Centrist
12/04/17 11:30 am

It depends on if they are a passive or active racist. If they are passive and are only racist during conversation with friends then I am alright. However if the are actively being racist and are connecting with other racists for protests then I am mad. Also they gotta be of my race.

makem Chinese Xinjiang Camp
12/04/17 10:56 am

If they're such a perfect person, then they are probably just racist towards neanderthals or something

omniku dot com
12/04/17 11:14 am

The intention of the poll question was to ask if the discovery they’re a racist diminish your view of them as being a great person.

xxxceo Nationalist
12/04/17 10:34 am

Sure, everyone has a right to their opinion. I may tell him to give it a rest if I’m hanging out with him though. I’m friends with a lot of people I disagree with.

Senate101 San Diego
12/04/17 10:24 am

If you're not a great person to everyone, you're not a great person.

12/04/17 10:32 am

What?! 🤥🤔

You may have the opinion that someone is great and I don’t. So that means in your eyes they still aren’t great?! That is mandatory group think!! Chinese communist 101.

12/04/17 11:25 am

I believe he's taking about how you treat people. If you are racist toward someone, even though you treat everyone else nice, then you are not a great person...

Kyle5 TN
12/04/17 11:27 am

Some can be racist but not act on it or be discourteous or rude to a race they dislike.

omniku dot com
12/04/17 4:01 pm

How can you be racist and not be discourteous to people of the race(s) you hate? The very act of being racist (AKA hating people because of their race) is discourteous.


Senate101 San Diego
12/04/17 8:35 pm

Acting on it doesn't matter. Their beliefs are important. If you met someone who believed in jihad, but wasn't planning on joining ISIS, that is still a terrible person. You're who you are on the inside.

Kyle5 TN
12/05/17 1:16 am

I don't think believing in something like jihad without acting on it makes you a terrible person, not a great one, but not terrible. That of course, is all subjective, and depends on how you personally define the terms. What I originally said was just a factual statement though, I never claimed that not acting on their racist tendencies makes them a good person or not.

omniku dot com
12/05/17 4:35 pm

Obviously this all comes down to one’s perspective which is why I wrote the poll, but I gotta go with Senate here. If you have that kind of hate in your heart, in my book you’re not a good person.


coolhandlulu Country bumpkin
12/04/17 10:15 am

I live in AL so i have experience. Yes, a racist can still be a good person. Just not someone I want to hang around. A woman could have aborted their baby and still be a good person. Etc. People are dynamic.

omniku dot com
12/04/17 4:02 pm

I don’t see what living in AL has to do with it. Despite the Deep South stereotypes, racism abounds everywhere.

12/04/17 10:14 am

Nope. Done and done🚫