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MrZeppo December 4th, 2017 4:18pm

Why is. Sexual harassment. Cases happening. Constantly all of. A sudden. Left and right

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12/05/17 6:02 am

Idk but all I can tell you is i will avoid dating at all costs now because this is a way for women to get money out of you without even dating. Fuck all entitled cunts.

GenZModerate Fargo
12/04/17 4:53 pm

Because the MeToo movement is finally exposing the disgusting bastards all over hollywood.

12/04/17 10:20 am

Because women are finally fucking over it! This may perhaps be the one good thing that comes out of Agent Oranges administration.
We’re tired of being bullied and objectified on a daily basis! By men, strangers, bosses and our co-workers! Silence the patriarchy!
Off my📦

Robert97206 Portland Oregon
12/04/17 9:53 am

Its is reelection season.