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jfish82285 December 2nd, 2017 2:13pm

The tax reform fight is not over for Congressional Republicans. Do you believe the reconciled tax bill will be able to pass both houses of Congress?

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coolhandlulu Country bumpkin
12/02/17 9:35 am

They put too many amendments in it. Nuclear amendments. Its so flawed. I think both sides do crap like that to sabotage any progress.

rons screw politicians
12/02/17 9:07 am

It passed the senate by the skin of their teeth. The House has no teeth so it should easily pass. Trump ordered new bill pens because the old ones clogged due to the tips drying out. He will sign any legislation.

Senate101 San Diego
12/02/17 7:29 am

Yeah, because Ryan and McConnell are basically on the same page here. Until the Democrats get in power. Then it's all about growing blame for the Debt.