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evoecon December 2nd, 2017 3:11am

Notice SOH polls include critical polls on Trump's action, yet no poll on the Steinle verdict. Yet another example of the Left bias of SOH?

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liam2013 iowa
12/07/17 3:54 pm

We follow the news, not fake troll garbage.

Robert97206 Portland Oregon
12/02/17 7:56 am


What do you expect for they're leaning to be towards your side?

Every source is biased as long as they leave their biases out of their individual polls I'm okay with it. This is their platform after all.

Any media you produce on here is property of SoH by the way...

Alcerus fascist
12/01/17 10:00 pm

There was like a chain of 15 of them from what I saw

Squidboy Snarkapottamus
12/01/17 9:54 pm

Were you not here yesterday? there were several of them in my feed

paranoidandroid peace love and science
12/01/17 10:38 pm

I think they mean the SoH main polls. You know, their whole SoH HQ leans left theory.

chickencookie It really is
12/01/17 9:42 pm

Such a hot topic should have at minimum been “Featured”.

bringstheeagle Colorado
12/01/17 9:10 pm

Who is this person and what verdict. Do you have link.

bringstheeagle Colorado
12/01/17 11:11 pm

Thank you and I like the source. I recognize the story now but didn’t know the name. Looks to me like the US Justice system has spoken so time to move on.

gluxford1 Arizona
12/01/17 8:50 pm

Most likely.