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coolhandlulu November 30th, 2017 10:02pm

Do women ask for it (sexual harrassment/assault) by provocative attire or being too timid to enforce limits with men? (Assume women are asking for it)

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Alcerus fascist
11/30/17 5:30 pm

Assuming women are asking for it, huh? Alright I'll give it a go.

I'd say that "dress" would be the root of the issue. Someone who has sexual assault (rape) on their mind is not going to care about some arbitrary boundary that you set up. However, their spiral of decisions that eventually lead to sexual assault most likely stems from the woman's physical attractiveness. Dress and appearance obviously has a lot to do with physical attractiveness, so in terms of the question, "dress" would be the cause.

If we look at it from another perspective, where the woman is dressed provocatively but sets a clear boundary as soon as a potential assaulter makes an unwanted advance, the person is probably going to get angry and ask why she dressed like that if she didn't want attention etc.

Again, I'm just addressing the question, which has me assume that women ask for it.

coolhandlulu Country bumpkin
11/30/17 8:31 pm

Thanks for your reply. I dont agree. I think its been proven that sexual assault is about power. Women do have power IF they speak up, but we have not been taught to be as assertive as men. We are taught to be yielding, passive. Reinforced by societys stereotyping women as bitches or manly when they do exert clear boundaries. Not saying that the man would not identify a potential target by looks, but things could be halted if women would speak up.

Alcerus fascist
11/30/17 8:53 pm

I think that's true as well. I guess it really depends on the guy. For example, some guys are uh..excited by assertive or powerful women

JDoe Its a gift
11/30/17 3:03 pm

Really crappy poll question.