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cowboy November 30th, 2017 4:12pm

The, β€œI wasn’t aware that waving my penis at females was wrong” defense, is good for....

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11/30/17 4:48 pm

Toddlers at least have parents to tell them it’s wrong.

ItsYourBoy Roman Empire
11/30/17 12:46 pm

What's the difference

11/30/17 12:22 pm

Joe Barton GOP Congressman from Texas.

cowboy Here and There
11/30/17 12:25 pm

Wow. He sent a dick pic to a consenting adult woman while separated from his wife. What a monster... πŸ™„

11/30/17 12:40 pm

Silly me, my mistake. I forgot that this is a Republican Congressman from Texas. Perfection acceptable behavior for Texans.

cowboy Here and There
11/30/17 12:48 pm

It is perfectly acceptable behavior for two consenting adults.

He is not seeking re-election and stepping down, unlike that pervert Al Franken who molested a sleeping woman on a plane.

11/30/17 1:17 pm

Perhaps that is acceptable behavior where you come from but around here men like that are either in jail or very lonely.

cowboy Here and There
11/30/17 1:21 pm

Two consenting adults, doing what they want within the law, is very acceptable behavior where I come from.

theNobamist Silicon Valley
12/01/17 11:25 am

Metamorphosis wants the Dems to patrol the bedrooms and enforce "proper" behavior? I thought that was what Dems accuse Repubs of.

11/30/17 10:48 am

I’m so very glad that no Republican has been accused of sexual harassment or has paid multiple millions to settle sexual harassment law suits.

11/30/17 10:37 am

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ thanks for the laugh πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

cowboy Here and There
11/30/17 10:40 am

Not really sure what is so funny about Democrats sexual abusing women...

You’re welcome, I guess.

11/30/17 10:45 am

Don't tell me, you didn't write this poll a tongue in the cheek, especially the vote options. It's of course terrible for the victims, but I see some humor in these dirty old guys getting send home.

cowboy Here and There
11/30/17 10:47 am

It was to prove the point that Democrats never grow up. Liberalism is a perpetual state of childhood.

political Georgia
11/30/17 10:01 am

I think that this poll should be downvoted because both answer choices consist of the same thing.

cowboy Here and There
11/30/17 12:14 pm

Feel free. I’m used to that.

11/30/17 9:30 am

“I wasn’t aware that waving my penis at females was wrong” defense, is good for MEN!

Seems that shit hanging on the outside of your bodies causes great problems.

Outliers excluded, I have to believe that gentlemen still exist.

cowboy Here and There
11/30/17 9:32 am

I don’t know what kind of so-called “men” you are hanging around with, but us gentlemen still exist. 😘🌷

11/30/17 9:36 am

I know you’re out there, yes! My father and brother are in that category as well.

My daily experiences as a woman have made me a cynic, frankly it’s hard not to be.

Men say the damndest thingsπŸ‘ŠπŸΌ

Just sharing my LE.

cowboy Here and There
11/30/17 9:42 am

I’m kind of in the same boat looking for a good girl. The sea is full of fish, but the one for me is still out there. Somewhere. πŸ€—

crazyjane New Jersey
11/30/17 9:13 am

Toddlers and louis ck

cowboy Here and There
11/30/17 9:17 am

And Matt Lauer... and Al Gore... and Bill Clinton... and Harvey Weinstein... ect... ect...

It’s hard to tell the difference between toddlers running around naked and disgusting sex crazed Democrats these days. Really no difference. These guys never grew up.

11/30/17 9:43 am

Cowboy, yesterday was sad for me. I raised my kid every am watching the pablum Today show and Matt. As I got her ready and out the door for school.

She’s a great functioning member of our society, a wonderful millennial. I’m proud.

She called me crying yesterday, I was sad for her. I know you have a daughter as well. That’s all. I’m sooooo over it!!!

cowboy Here and There
11/30/17 9:44 am

I’m sorry. πŸ˜”