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liam2013 iowa
11/29/17 3:52 pm

My first name now common. Last name common only in an European country

ladyniner81 no hope for humanity
11/27/17 8:38 am

First name. Not very common. Last name? Very rare

catpillow Florida West Coast
11/26/17 11:40 pm

My maiden name is very common in Denmark.

Laserbeam Crazy bird lady
11/26/17 10:11 pm

Less than 100 people worldwide according to the google machine.

11/26/17 5:48 pm

No, not common, but I have heard it as a surname.

phalnx Ohio
11/26/17 5:23 pm

No, it's a very common first name.

Praetorianus Fair enough.
11/26/17 5:16 pm

Most common name for GenXers: Michael.
I chose a different name for FB though out of a whim.

jarod California
11/26/17 5:02 pm

Uncommon. Especially the spelling.

TrueAmerican7 I Am Galt.
11/26/17 4:45 pm

Nope. Only living one until I️ tie the knot.

phalnx Ohio
11/26/17 5:44 pm

Your given name is your first name, not your last.

TrueAmerican7 I Am Galt.
11/26/17 5:52 pm

In that case, there may be a few hundred.

Axl752 NY
11/26/17 7:22 pm

Goldberg isn't that uncommon...

RussianThunder Russia and USA
11/26/17 4:24 pm

In Russia it’s not uncommon. Apparently it’s unheard of in the US

DrCarpenter A2
11/26/17 4:32 pm

I know lots of people with your name as a surname.

RussianThunder Russia and USA
11/26/17 4:46 pm

My last name is actually Муравьёв. It’s not common here.

Kay41 the Midwest
11/26/17 4:22 pm

I'd say it is somewhat common. Well, at least compared to my married name which isn't common at all.