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Tariq88 November 25th, 2017 4:08pm

Have you heard about the shootings in the Mosque in Egypt? Really sad stuff.

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catpillow Florida West Coast
11/25/17 6:03 pm

I’m very upset about it. 25% of all the men in an entire town. I can hardly comprehend the tragedy.

Has our country offered any help at all?

DoctorWasdarb Marxist Leninist Maoist
11/25/17 12:43 pm

I heard in skinner's recent poll.

RagingMystic covfefe
11/25/17 12:19 pm

Definitely a tragedy, but brings up the question why people think the people blowing up mosques and murdering Muslims represent Islam.

Okie1967 The world is crazy
11/30/17 12:14 pm

Because they always do it in the name of Allah. They claim, in their own words, writings, videos, and usually at the time of the actual shooting or bombing, that they're doing it to praise allah or because allah wants it.

outlaw393 01134
11/25/17 12:10 pm

Nope. Violence is so common in the middle east it's just another day.

RagingMystic covfefe
11/25/17 12:18 pm

This is the largest attack in Egyptian history...

11/25/17 12:03 pm

I’ve heard about it. I’m also wondering where the thoughts and prayers are for those poor souls.

Tariq88 Utah
11/25/17 12:11 pm

No, definitely. I am sorry. They are definitely in my thoughts and prayers. I didn't post that because some people seem to get annoyed by it. I didn't mean to be insensitive.

11/25/17 12:27 pm

Tariq, no need to apologize. It wasn’t a criticism of you. In other words, when innocent people of other denominations are worshipping and killed, the sympathy pours and rightfully so. It pains me that we don’t extend those sentiments to those in the Muslim community who suffer the same fate because they were just worshipping.

Tariq88 Utah
11/25/17 12:30 pm

I agree, it's sad.

Tariq88 Utah
11/25/17 12:30 pm

I'm glad you care and it is always good to see some do.

bower8899 ...
11/25/17 9:33 am

Sadly since they're brown the media doesn't care.

Ebola1 Florida
11/25/17 9:54 am

It’s been all over Fox News. Maybe you should change your media sources.

Kay41 the Midwest
11/25/17 9:55 am

I've seen it several places. Many outlets are carrying it.

Tariq88 Utah
11/25/17 10:20 am

I've seen it mentioned in the media, however I haven't heard about it anywhere besides the media. People haven't really talked about it and sadly I think because people are used to it happening in places people don't talk about as much as incidents here. I am not saying that people shouldn't care or talk about incidents here though, they should.

Kay41 the Midwest
11/25/17 10:22 am

I agree!

rons screw politicians
11/25/17 11:47 am

It’s all over the place. Not so much on MSNBC due to their wall to wall coverage of Trump. It also could the that the MSM media is reluctant to report on muslims shooting muslims.

rons screw politicians
11/25/17 11:50 am

It was reported on all the radio stations last not ( maybe not NPR). Maybe not on HuffPo, or the NY Times or WaPo or other left wing outlets. But I heard it all night and this morning.

Kamden popular revolt
11/25/17 12:12 pm

Heard it first from Fox @bower8899