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HoosierFan November 22nd, 2017 11:35pm

The Trump Communication office announced the morning of the day before Thanksgiving it would be a full work day for the president. An hour later he was on the golf course. Who worked harder Nov. 22, you or Trump?

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mrscheisskopf2 Kentucky
12/01/17 10:33 pm

Just here to show my support for the Hoosiers

12/02/17 7:23 am

Go Big Red!

That was a good game against Duke the other night. The final score didn’t tell the whole story.

mrscheisskopf2 Kentucky
12/02/17 5:28 pm

That's what I've heard. I unfortunately couldn't watch the game, but I was checking the scores. I saw that we were tied with about 4 minutes left and then next time I checked, we had lost by 10. I was hoping for another unranked victory over a #1 team

susanr Colorado
11/28/17 8:53 pm

I'm retired, but I stacked a *lot* of firewood that day.

Squidboy Snarkapottamus
11/23/17 6:23 am

A lot of lazy republicans on this app

ishady 86451132020
11/23/17 5:56 am

Trump lies more than he breathes.

4boot LaTrineodeur, MN
11/22/17 8:19 pm

Trump. That's a 24/7 job, even on the golf course.

11/23/17 4:44 am

I love that having a job = working. I should try that one if I ever get caught slacking off.

ZaQ777 Pittsburgh
11/22/17 6:20 pm

I'll be honest, I didn't get much work done today either.

11/22/17 6:07 pm

At that level lots of work can be conducted on a golf course.

11/24/17 12:55 pm

It’s possible, but Trump tweeted 26 different times that Obama golfed too much. The hypocrisy makes me laugh.

It also goes to show you that much of the criticism of Obama was politically motivated.

shygal47 Florida east coast
11/22/17 5:49 pm

I did and I'm retired!

11/22/17 5:55 pm


11/22/17 4:50 pm

These are the great statements, we need more of ,,

cpaswr just say the letters
11/22/17 4:48 pm

I call bullshit on Trump working at all tomorrow.

11/22/17 4:43 pm

I took PTO, so Trump did work harder than I did today. I’m assume he did some work.