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gunluvr November 21st, 2017 8:19pm

Do you feel safer in a business that allows licensed conceal carry, or in a business that prohibits firearms (Gun Free Zone) ?

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gluxford1 Arizona
11/21/17 9:50 pm

I'll take the place with the armed good guys instead of the room filled with sitting ducks any day of the week.

11/21/17 6:28 pm

Gun free zones only count for law abiding citizens. Murderous criminal thugs still have guns in those places. Someone please explain how this is supposed to make me feel safe.

Zach21 California
11/21/17 5:33 pm

Gun free zones are worthless.

GlockMan1 Alabama
11/21/17 4:32 pm

I smile when I see someone OPEN carrying.

abusara i drink and i know things
11/21/17 2:57 pm

Im with Clint Eastwood on gun control...if there is a gun around, I want to be in control of it.

crazyjane New Jersey
11/21/17 2:09 pm

No guns in my workplace please

11/21/17 6:29 pm

Do you have metal detectors? If so then it’s actually gun free. If not then it’s guns for murderous thugs only.

Brandon2018 Stocks Are Overvalued
11/21/17 1:53 pm

Key word: licensed.
Definitely option 2.

Sentinel Ya ie wa noh
11/21/17 1:36 pm

We only have those right's We can defend.....

gunluvr NOT a Gun Free Zone
11/21/17 1:20 pm

I will NOT do business with stores that are anti-gun.....