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latebird SOH Bunker
07/30/12 6:50 am

I Know why won't this question go away

EarlyBird Portland
07/27/12 6:42 pm

Anyone want to buy my vote? Going rate is $25,000. I'd even shave the price down for a cash deal... ????

mjr95255 New York
07/23/12 5:03 pm

How accurate is this question when the respondents are people that like to take part in polls! Of course we are registered! I'm frankly surprised the number of registered isn't even higher!

jobosno Charlotte, NC
07/11/12 10:28 am

What is preregistering considered? I'll be registered the minute I turn 18, but I've already filled out the paperwork and sent it in, so it's automatic.

BriD Illinois
07/08/12 8:21 pm

Drew - Obama will (& should) be RE-elected.

07/08/12 4:44 pm

If your 18 and a legal American you should vote...maybe we can get this state and the country back in line.... Vote anything other than Obama... He lied " I promise to cut spending" none of that 1 trillion stimulus made sense.. Solyndra!!

07/08/12 3:37 pm

I'm registered "decline to state".

AdamT Boston, MA
07/08/12 9:22 am

Filling out the paperwork now, I'll be 18 by election day

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
07/08/12 8:35 am

Tell me VA isn't the only state where you don't register with a political party.

07/08/12 6:07 am

Yes and I wonder why. My vote doesn't count, elections are fixed, politicians are corrupt, and the last three elections were fixed. If I didn't bitch so damn much, I wouldn't vote. Politicians only care about the $$$$ and who's ass they can kiss up to

07/08/12 5:35 am

Not yet I'm not 18 but when I do ill be a registered Democrat

hazel Tennessee
07/08/12 5:06 am

Geesh! Is anyone over 18 on this app?

07/08/12 4:46 am

Ill register libertarian as soon as I turn 18.

Terrence Utah
07/07/12 11:30 pm

Yes, but sometimes wonder why. I thought if I vote I have some control.

07/07/12 10:07 pm

Not yet, but should be soon. I recieved the paperwork in the mail not too long ago, filled it out, and sent it in. I'll be able to vote in the presidental election this November.

07/07/12 9:34 pm

You may get a 95% registering group when, you know, your on an app all about polls (voting). But in real life it's going to be less and then many won't actually go vote.

chrismisen atlanta
07/07/12 8:55 pm

nope. gonna when im 18 though. and the 20% most likely consists of under 18s.

Theshamwowguy Pittsburgh, PA
07/07/12 8:20 pm

4 more years ill be old enough to register, if we still have a free country

07/07/12 7:45 pm

If youre Not a registered voter, you have no business posting your opinion.

07/07/12 7:09 pm

If you are not a registered voter then you obviously have no opinion and should not partake in any civil discourse.....right?

kaik12 Twin Cities, MN
07/07/12 7:09 pm

Yupp! I filled registered last summer the week after I turned 18! I may have been a little too excited about finally getting to vote, but oh well. A little enthusiasm never hurt anyone. :)

07/07/12 6:24 pm

I wish those over 18 who aren't registered voters could be banned from commenting about political polls! If you don't register and vote, you have NO RIGHT TO AN OPINION! And I am glad so many of our younger commenters are eagerly waiting to vote.

07/07/12 6:01 pm

Cowboy, keep repeating right-wing nut talking points. Yes, I know, it was an attempt at humor. Of the 643 million votes cast in general elections between 2000 and 2010, there have been 47000 UFO sightings and 13 credible cases of voter impersonation

07/07/12 5:59 pm

Well I'm not 18 yet so no

07/07/12 5:57 pm

Your Gov. Seems to be doing a nice job making sure they don't.

07/07/12 4:02 pm

Registered Dems. Don't vote this election!

JFradley Hawaii
07/07/12 3:39 pm

If you don't register and vote, you are part of the problem in this country and have no business being critical of laws and/or politics. Period.

cato Santa Barbara, California
07/07/12 3:12 pm

Yup. Been a registered libertarian for 21 years.

07/07/12 2:27 pm

Who are these people in ND that answered yes? There is no registration to vote in North Dakota!

Doopy Remedial Americanism
07/07/12 1:58 pm

I really don't mind if eligible voters choose not to. It just makes mine more powerful.

barbearnj Dreaming of Banff
07/07/12 1:16 pm

Anyone who is eligible but not registered should be ashamed. You do not deserve to live in a free Republic and you have no right to criticize if you do not participate.

EarlyBird Portland
07/07/12 1:07 pm

Cowboy- are your ballots mailed to you?

cowboy Proud Father
07/07/12 12:28 pm

In Illinios everybody votes, two or three times, even if they're dead.

ThePhlegm The Lone Star State
07/07/12 12:09 pm

The only reason it shouldn't be 100% is if you are under age! Or a violent felon....

07/07/12 11:27 am

Naturally adults who have this app (demonstrating an interest in current events) are more likely to be registered.