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willg November 21st, 2017 3:03pm

Have you watched the Netflix series “Ozark”

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pietsch Another Adoring Fan
11/22/17 6:44 am

I tried to watch it but found none of the characters likable. I don’t know why there are so many TV shows being made now with all these unlikable characters. Do writers think this makes them intriguing?

willg basically Dulles Airport
11/22/17 2:18 pm

I like Jason Batemans Character. He is conflicted, but I find him overall likeable in the sense he made some bad choices but was a decent guy who took a step too far and its not a step you can easily step back from. I also have grown to like the Ruth character again someone with HUGE flaws as a person but hasn't lost her humanity (yet)

44YY Boston, MA
11/21/17 7:34 pm

I heard it’s good but it’s no breaking bad so it’s not worth watching

willg basically Dulles Airport
11/21/17 7:40 pm

Breaking bad is a very different show

chickencookie It really is
11/21/17 6:05 pm

Love. But I’m a big Jason fan.

FarmerManE djent
11/21/17 2:43 pm

Watched the first couple episodes. I'm only like 2-3 hours from lake of the ozarks

crazyjane New Jersey
11/21/17 10:14 am

Yes. I liked it

11/21/17 9:00 am

I loved it. Impressed with Jason on this one.
I was born in Missouri and know the Ozark mountains well.

willg basically Dulles Airport
11/21/17 9:06 am

It’s not a very flattering portrait of that area. In the broader sense you have lots of beautiful shots then you impose the story and some of the seedy parts of the lake.

11/21/17 9:11 am

It’s not flattering at all, agreed. Nor is the character of the people.
Funny, lots of STL natives with money own second homes in the Ozarks and are pissed at the representation(being redneck/trailer)
It is actually quite pretty most of the year.
I’ve seen boathouses larger than peoples “regular” homes.

willg basically Dulles Airport
11/21/17 8:14 am

Just a warning to my friends that are sensitive to content. Ozark is a Mature Audience show.

11/21/17 8:07 am

Yep! Pretty good!