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dale41 Lets play two
11/19/17 7:46 pm

I haven't, but will say it's a little too early for the did you in 2017 questions.

11/19/17 3:10 pm

Dunkirk was amazing in theaters

auntiesamm Orange County CA
11/19/17 1:09 pm

Saw "Wonder" Friday. It is a lovely story. First movie in a theater in 2017 - Much too pricey even with tickets from Costco.

Symeon USA
11/19/17 11:17 am

Watched the movie Wind River. It was fantastic. Most movies in today’s age are terrible, this one was worth the money.

Alcerus fascist
11/19/17 8:07 am

I saw Resident Evil. That was the only movie I saw though. I'm a big fan of the RE movies, but for some reason this one had me really bored and let down

Mariland neon butterfly garden
11/19/17 7:59 am

Yes— Annabelle Creation with my Libra teen daughter who LOVES horror movies (like my Libra Mom)..... I do not love horror movies at all.

The reclining theater seats were great, tho.