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SNYBT November 19th, 2017 1:41am

Can we get this poll to 1,000 votes?

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Zach21 California
11/18/17 8:23 pm

That's impossible unless it gets featured by SOH.

11/18/17 7:27 pm

Only 985 to go.

susanr Colorado
11/18/17 6:52 pm

Not unless it gets featured by SOH, which seems unlikely. (They feature a user poll once in a while, but it's usually on a subject they feel is of general interest, which I doubt they would use this one for. Since they lift the vote limit for user polls when they feature them, those polls *all* get well over a thousand votes.)

It will close at 250 votes (your vote cap as a Standard user) or at one week, whichever happens sooner.


Kay41 the Midwest
11/18/17 6:46 pm

No, it will close before that. :(

geddy Colorado
11/18/17 6:44 pm

Isn't there a vote limit for users?