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ProudAmerican45 November 18th, 2017 11:14pm

Where your parents affectionate in front of you? A kiss 😘 hug 🤗 handholding 👫👬👭

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11/24/17 8:54 pm

My mother and her parents were hugs and kisses non stop... I loved my grandmother more than anyone when I was kid...

11/20/17 7:53 am

No. It really affected me. Now I hug and kiss my husband and kids all the time.

Rosalie Care A Lot
11/19/17 6:59 pm

My Dad couldn't keep from hugging and kissing Mom.

gluxford1 Arizona
11/18/17 8:02 pm

My mother was. My father was too drunk to care for my first 5 years of life and virtually nonexistent for the rest of it.