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bower8899 November 18th, 2017 7:34am

Is anyone else planning on watching Netflix's "The Punisher"? Note: please let this be a spoiler free thread

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catpillow Florida West Coast
11/18/17 2:10 pm

I am, now that I know about it. I’ve enjoyed their other shows.

ZaQ777 Pittsburgh
11/18/17 6:30 am

Maybe Netflix can do it better, but the last version of The Punisher that came out 15 or so years ago was so unwatchably bad that I'm less than enthusiastic for this one.

suppressedID suck it Kyle
11/18/17 5:07 am

They did such a great job with the other titles.

bower8899 ...
11/18/17 5:17 am


Half of them are literally the main characters names. Not even the superhero names...just "Jessica Jones" and "Luke Cage"

bower8899 ...
11/18/17 5:29 am

Yes actually. And that's not entirely a coincidence. They are the more down to earth ones. Less superhero and more just people

11/18/17 5:42 am

Dc superheroes usually have no powers. Just “drive” to fix things
Marvel superheroes have super powers.

Malekithe My pronouns are GFY
11/18/17 6:00 am

"Dc superheroes usually have no powers."
Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Flash.

11/18/17 6:47 am

Wonder woman’s powers come from things (gauntlets, lasso, shield and training). Superman is from another planet. His powers are due to differences between his sun and earths sun.

11/18/17 6:48 am

Green lantern really has no powers, and what he has are alien powers from an object (lantern and ring). Aquaman has powers but more from his trident.

Malekithe My pronouns are GFY
11/18/17 7:14 am

Same "arguments" can be made for Marvel heroes.
Maybe mutants are the only exception
Wonder woman has more than gadgets. She is a goddess after all

Malekithe My pronouns are GFY
11/18/17 7:22 am

Marvel heroes with no real powers using your criteria:
Captain America
Iron Man
Dr Strange
Ant Man
Fantastic Four
Guardians of the Galaxy

11/18/17 9:08 am

Disagree. Spider man and captain America had their dna changed. It gave them super powers

11/18/17 9:10 am

Thor is a g-d
Hulk also had his dna changed from gamma radiation, giving him super powers.
Dr strange also has mystical superpowers.

11/18/17 9:11 am

Iron man and ant man - I agree

The fantastic four - dna change from cosmic radiation giving them super powers

X-men. Genetic changes that give special or super powers

voc I am...what I am
11/18/17 9:29 am

None of those super powers matter when they are facing Batman. He doesn’t need super powers to beat any of them.

Bower, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage never had superhero names. They just went by their normal names. They never really wanted to be super hero’s, they were just kind of thrown into it.

Malekithe My pronouns are GFY
11/18/17 5:43 pm

Luke Cage was known as Power Man

voc I am...what I am
11/18/17 5:45 pm

Wrong on the iron man>Batman

Good call on the power man! Forgot all about that

Malekithe My pronouns are GFY
11/18/17 5:48 pm

Except Batman all those DC bozos you mentioned have powers.
As characters, the are just kind of sucky, boring and lame.
Marvel is far better.

Malekithe My pronouns are GFY
11/18/17 6:35 pm

Iron Man would annihilate Batman

Malekithe My pronouns are GFY
11/18/17 6:36 pm

Batman is still the only DC character worth a shit.

voc I am...what I am
11/18/17 9:13 pm

Yes he is.

And he would beat the shit out of that drunk iron man. Tony stark drinks way too much to be able to beat Batman

bower8899 ...
11/18/17 9:59 pm

Tony Stark conquered his alcoholism in the eighties.

11/19/17 6:44 am

Iron man would defeat Batman. That’s silly

11/19/17 6:45 am

Sorry voc, Batman is just a man with money & tech (and not as good tech as iron man).

voc I am...what I am
11/19/17 8:12 am

Bower, once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic. He could fall off the wagon at any time.

Ozzy, he is just a man with money and tech, but he beat Superman, he could definitely beat iron man.

Malekithe My pronouns are GFY
11/19/17 9:15 am

If you are having to rely on Iron Man to be drunk in order for Batman to win, you are acknowledging Iron Man's superiority.
Sorry, but Batman is out of his league here.

voc I am...what I am
11/19/17 9:30 am

Oh iron man doesn’t need to be drunk for Batman to kick his ass. Again, he kicked Superman’s ass.

Malekithe My pronouns are GFY
11/19/17 9:47 am

Iron man is not susceptible to glowing green rocks.
I get that you are a Batman fanboy but realistically he is out of his league here.
I despise superman but acknowledge he would probably kick Iron Man's ass and many other heroes short of Thor, Hulk, Dr Strange, Professor X, Phoenix, Vision and the Scarlet Witch
Batman is just not that type of superhero.
He can be still be cool in his own element.

voc I am...what I am
11/19/17 10:00 am

I’m a huge Batman fanboy.

He’s never met an opponent he couldn’t best. Iron man would just be another notch on his bed post.

Malekithe My pronouns are GFY
11/19/17 11:27 am

Too much of a fanboy.
Lots of people would kick Batman's backside.

voc I am...what I am
11/19/17 1:54 pm

Maybe, but iron man isn’t one of them

11/19/17 2:02 pm

Batman v Superman. Worst movie ever. Worst movie idea ever

voc I am...what I am
11/19/17 2:25 pm

Yeah, not a good movie.

Batman actually beat Superman in the comics a few times.

phalnx Ohio
11/18/17 3:12 am

No. Life punishes me enough.