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ReyG November 18th, 2017 1:31am

Who is to blame every single one of the entire worlds problems?

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Radon Parts Unknown
11/18/17 1:50 pm

Trump is the reason a black man has a 50/50 chance of dying in the womb?

knetzere Illinois
11/18/17 8:01 am

People that can’t look past their differences

Luftwaffe South of Heaven
11/18/17 4:41 am

I'd say Judaism, Capitalism, Islam, Globalism, Liberalism, and Social Degeneration

LibArtie SW Connecticut
11/17/17 6:44 pm

Trump is a clear and present global danger

Nihilism You cant save me
11/17/17 6:39 pm

Remember these three things children. And you will always be okay:

1. The white man is always wrong.
2. Women are always right.
3. Every Black/African American has been oppressed in someway.