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Praetorianus November 17th, 2017 11:56pm

Did you contract any of the "childhood diseases" like measles, rubella, chickenpox, mumps that you get only once, then lifelong immunity?

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Cindy97 Minnesota
11/18/17 10:38 am

I got Chickenpox. But that’s the only one that I got out of those three.

Cindy97 Minnesota
11/18/17 10:39 am

And I was born after the vaccine for it, I don’t know why I didn’t get it. Eh, oh well

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
11/18/17 8:43 am

All three. Measles though you can’t get a reoccurrence. I broke
my kids had them It’s not called measles. But it’s from being exposed to them

paranoidandroid peace love science
11/17/17 10:39 pm

I had chicken pox twice. The first time was very mild.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
11/17/17 9:04 pm

Nope. I had something like chickenpox, but it was very light and didn’t actually transfer immunity to me.

Praetorianus Fair enough.
11/17/17 9:54 pm

If you got it only once it may have.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
11/18/17 6:29 am

I’m not sure what it actually was though, because I was never tested for it. I got tested a year ago to see if I had immunity, and I didn’t, so I still had to get vaccinated.

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
11/17/17 8:53 pm

Measles, mumps, and chickenpox.

jenkp223 Being a mommy
11/17/17 7:38 pm

I got chicken pox before there was a shot for it. But I have been vaccinated for measles and mumps.

Okie1967 Lets go brandon
11/17/17 7:16 pm

Chickenpox and mumps on just one side, as a child. Rubella as a young adult and just days before our wedding. A close inspection of wedding photos reveals the red dots.

Okie1967 Lets go brandon
11/17/17 7:17 pm

You like the attention it would have given you.

Nihilism You cant save me
11/17/17 9:32 pm

No. I wouldn’t accept treatment

mistah Happy Happy Joy Joy
11/17/17 6:19 pm

Chickenpox, but this was before there was a vaccine for it

11/17/17 6:18 pm

All of those. There were no vaccines then.

susanr Colorado
11/17/17 6:14 pm

I got measles, chicken pox and mumps as a child. I don't remember if I had rubella or not. I had them all long before there were vaccines to help prevent getting them. (Which means I need to get the shingles vaccine, since I had chicken pox.)

4JC Christian Pastors Wife
11/17/17 7:34 pm

I highly recommend that you do everything you can to avoid shingles. I’ve known 3 people that have had it and it’s excruciating.

susanr Colorado
11/17/17 7:42 pm

Yes, my mother had shingles and if she were still alive she would be agreeing with you quite emphatically! I've heard some real horror stories about it.

Not sure why I haven't gotten the vaccine yet. My internist made me aware that getting some vaccines, including that one, is way cheaper through a pharmacy than through his office (and maybe most medical offices) with Medicare at least. I've been juggling flu shots and the pneumonia shot (also pretty important for older people, and also cheaper at a pharmacy ($0, I think).

So I was planning to get the shingles vaccine this year, but my doc said to watch for a new version that was about to be approved, that should be considerably better. And it was indeed just recently approved. Now the question is will Medicare cover the cost of it (probably), and how soon.

But I *will* get it, when that's settled. (Medically, at least, you can get both.)


Praetorianus Fair enough.
11/17/17 10:01 pm

I had to look it up, it says you're at risk for shingles if you had chickenpox "before 18 months of age."
I had it much later, third or fourth grade.

susanr Colorado
11/17/17 10:37 pm

I'm sure that that's just not right. Where did you find that information?

I've always heard that *anyone* who has ever had chicken pox is at risk for getting shingles. The virus hangs out in your central nervous system and can become reactivated decades later.

I'm not aware of any reason why that would only happen if you contracted the virus at an earlier age, but I just visited a number of web sites with the google search "who is at risk for shingles" to see if they said anything about age of having chicken pox being a factor. All of them said that anyone who has ever had chicken pox is at risk. The web sites were CDC, Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, WebMD, eMedicine, Science Daily, and the National Health Service (UK).


susanr Colorado
11/17/17 11:11 pm

OK, I see that there; thanks.

But the Wikipedia article also lists other risk factors. They include old age: "Risk factors for reactivation include old age, poor immune function, and having had chickenpox before 18 months of age.[1]"

The reference [1] is to this: Epidemiology and Prevention of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases (13 ed.). Washington D.C. Public Health Foundation. pp. 353–74. It can be read (or downloaded) at

Specifically, the publication states: "Herpes zoster, or shingles, occurs when latent VZV reactivates and causes recurrent disease. The immunologic mechanism that controls latency of VZV is not well understood. However, factors associated with recurrent disease include aging, immunosuppression, intrauterine exposure to VZV, and having had varicella at a young
age (younger than 18 months)."


susanr Colorado
11/17/17 11:18 pm

And note that the Wikipedia article also states that "It is estimated that about a third of people develop shingles at some point in their life." (Also from the same source article.)

That one-third of the population is not all coming from children who got chicken pox at 18 months or younger; they most often get it (or at least used to; the pattern may be different now with a vaccine, but it's older *unvaccinated* folks who are coming down with shingles) from other kids at *school*.

I'm also wondering how long that "1/3" will be accurate, given a large portion of the younger population has been vaccinated and doesn't get exposed to the virus, but that's another question.


4JC Christian Pastors Wife
11/18/17 8:26 am

I know that the people that I know that had shingles had it when they were preschoolers, older than 18 months. I’ve never met ANYONE that had it when they were 18 months or less. My first 2 kids had it in elementary school, just like I did. My youngest two kids got the vaccine.

I’ve always thought that risk factors just meant that it was more LIKELY to happen under those conditions, not that this is the ONLY people it happens to.


rons Thanks America
11/18/17 11:47 am

My wife had shingles a few years back. Since we both got the shot. No big deal. She had soars on her face down to her toes. It was painful. Good thing she’s a trooper. Took over a month or so to go away.

4JC Christian Pastors Wife
11/18/17 12:07 pm

The woman that I know that had it couldn’t put her bra on. She lived in her robe for a month.

4JC Christian Pastors Wife
11/18/17 12:08 pm

Rons, are you saying that after she got shingles, you both got the shot, or you both got the shot and she STILL got shingles?

rons Thanks America
11/18/17 12:12 pm

We got the shots after she got shingles. The doc said you can get it again so she got the shot. Luckily I not afraid of getting shots like most men are. So I have it all. I need a booster of my pneumonia shot.

phalnx Ohio
11/17/17 6:13 pm

Everything except rubella (I think...maybe I even had that). There weren't vaccines for any of that stuff when I was a kid.

bluerum29 optimistic idealist
11/17/17 5:58 pm

Chicken pox. Aren't we suppose to get that as kids.

swervin Maryland
11/17/17 5:01 pm

No, I got my vaccines. Amazingly, they worked!

Kay41 the Midwest
11/17/17 6:17 pm

For us old folks, those vaccines weren't available when we were young! 👵👴😀

PrinceOberyn Here I am Here I Remain
11/17/17 5:01 pm

Chickenpox once, I'm too young and thus immunized against the rest. My father was an abusive cunt, but even he believed in vaccinations....

Praetorianus Fair enough.
11/17/17 4:59 pm

All I mentioned, when and where I grew up only polio, tetanus and smallpox (I think) were routinely vaccinated against. I got spared scarlet fever and whooping cough which was rare then and there.