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jlong105 November 17th, 2017 9:04pm

My wife’s upset with me. I simply told how much I look forward to Sunday after thanksgiving when we say goodbye to her mother. What did I do?

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lostriver Oregon
11/17/17 11:48 pm

You can’t be that dumb to not think that would not piss your wife off. Good luck.

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Arizona
11/17/17 11:29 pm

Help clean & help in the kitchen & day, “Yes, dear”, A LOT!

Harry3603 Tampa Bay Florida.
11/17/17 8:13 pm

Do you deliberately say the wrong things to her? She may deserve Sainthood.

jlong105 Indiana
11/18/17 8:47 am

She does for sure. Anyone willing to put up with me for 20 years does.

Harry3603 Tampa Bay Florida.
11/18/17 9:51 am

I can identify with that, she put up with my teasing her for almost 51 years before she went to Heaven.

Laserbeam Crazy bird lady
11/17/17 4:09 pm

You’d think by this point she would be used to those kinds of comments from you. You’ve been married for what, like 20 years?

presrvd Phoenix
11/17/17 2:48 pm

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Just tell her she's being irrational... =)

Jazzy5 USA
11/17/17 2:28 pm

Nice knowing you!