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Izzynius November 17th, 2017 8:42pm

In retrospect, do you think the Protestant Reformation had more of a positive impact or negative impact on the world?

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liam2013 iowa
11/20/17 5:53 pm

The Catholic church had become corrupt. The Reformation resulted in some even more conservative beliefs by some sects and more progressive in other. Unfortunately, it lead to many wars.

TheSirKestrel New Hampshire
11/18/17 12:05 pm

Very positive change overall... allowed scientists to advance in Northern Europe while the Catholic Church denied scientists the right to explore.

ctskapski x
11/17/17 5:17 pm

By far positive, in regards to world development.

Some may argue that the loss of the unifying factor of a single form of Christianity decreased Christendom's definitive strength, but I feel that's well negated, with interest, in the new development.

GlockMan1 Alabama
11/17/17 5:08 pm

The Reformation put an end to paying large amounts of money to the church to pray their loved ones out of purgatory.

TrippyCornflake New Jersey
11/17/17 2:19 pm

Positive. I still can't stand the Catholic Church

RussianThunder Russia and USA
11/17/17 2:16 pm

I’m not sure but Martin Luther seriously pisses me off so I’m really closed minded about the Protestant reformation.....therefore I can’t be object and mature enough to truly your poll. I voted it didn’t help but my vote does not mean much

11/17/17 1:49 pm

One of my college classes this semester inspired this poll.