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susanr Colorado
11/17/17 2:16 pm

I know what it was measured at some years ago.

I don't mention it publicly for few reasons. (Such as: I don't see any point to comparing something like that; it can only make some people feel smug about themselves and some people feel bad about themselves, and I'd rather not be part of that. It may not reflect a person's actual intellectual ability, depending on how it was measured, and what a person's background is. It represents only one aspect of a person, and is sometimes overvalued as a measure of a person's "worth" or significance, at the detriment of other aspects of them. In other words, I really don't give a crap what a person's IQ is.)


jazzman11 Juneau, AK
11/17/17 12:42 pm

No idea. But crafty enough to bypass most opponents over 30 year work life.