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MiamiPolitical Miami
11/17/17 5:40 am

Absolutely, it's pretty primitive not too. Well the concept of marriage is primitive 😁

Zedgy California
11/16/17 6:30 pm

Can you explain why you like or don’t like same sex marriage?

JackQHu Durham, NC
11/16/17 7:34 pm

I believe the government should get out of the business of marriage completely, because any other position is contradictory. However, it’s good to look at both sides of an issue. The argument against gay marriage would be that it has no basic intrinsic value to society as the entire premise of marriage is for the production of the next generation

johonmilla Monroe, nc
11/16/17 7:42 pm

Jack, I haven’t heard the second argument before. Wouldn’t this also make them anti-marriage of people who are sterile, too old, etc?

Red4799 Asking the Big Questions
11/16/17 11:45 pm

Marriage has nothing to do with reproduction. You don't need to be married to reproduce. Humans could all just get together once a year and have a big orgy fest like some animals.