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Cole12 November 17th, 2017 12:19am

The 9 most expensive fine art sales ever all took place in the last 7 years. Yesterday, da Vinci's Salvator Mundi sold for $450.3M, making it the most expensive artwork ever sold. In 2013, it went for a paltry $127.5M. Are we in an art bubble?

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11/18/17 6:12 am

Inflation (from the last 10 years of waste and bad policies)

OhTheIrony Learning from you
11/17/17 12:27 pm

No, I believe that art and design are only going to be more valued as we automate the world.

11/16/17 9:59 pm

None of those famous arts are worth that much. They are only valued based on how famous or prestigious the artist is. It has nothing to do with talent or quality of work.

Squidboy Snarkapottamus
11/16/17 8:11 pm

No. This is what ‘trickle down economics’ look like. The .00001% that own 50% of the worlds wealth spend it on indulgences. How did that help you?

11/16/17 6:36 pm

Cole the art bubble is a poor analogy,for your point... your going to have to poor it down for soh... these ppl shop at Walmart, maybe target. if you spoke about a brand new 52”tv going for a 1 dollar raffle ticket u might get a better response... my comment only serves to further your point...

11/16/17 9:57 pm

Wow aren’t you ever so cultured and brilliant?

11/16/17 10:09 pm

Sorry not sorry, did you buy a ticket to win a tv at capital city?

11/16/17 10:15 pm

Winners buy Leonardo paintings for 450 million dollars losers, read about it ,,

11/16/17 10:53 pm

Winners look at a painting that they paid way to much for then

11/16/17 11:07 pm

Not if you’ve got billions , which u don’t. How much was your cable bill this month it’s going on the third week of the month,, it’s due ,,, I’m guessing u can’t afford 450 fucking million to buy a single painting... but your doing good as a provider...

11/16/17 11:13 pm

I dont have cable. What Im saying is that people only buy the expensive art because they want to feel special

11/16/17 11:17 pm

No cable but u got wifi?

11/16/17 11:38 pm

Ya I got wifi but that really has nothing to do with the topic

11/16/17 11:42 pm

Your the one that brought it up,

“I don’t have cable” “ but ppl buy art to make themselves feel special”... so I wanna know how your connecting to soh if you don’t have cable...

11/16/17 11:56 pm

Why are you such a pretentious snob on here. You talk down to people like their supid and broke and your not. You probably just consider yourself wealthy cause you got that promotion at mcdonalds. Dont act like you know people because it just makes you look ignorant. In addition my wealth is unrelated to what I originally said which I will rephrase here: Rich people only buy expensive art because it gets them attention. The reason I assert this is because, there are many paintings equal in quality or better from lesser know modern artists that will cost significantly less.(anywhere from $500-$10,000) Just because there rich, doesn’t give them a good reason to waste massive amounts of money on nothing. Also dont say that its a tiny amount of money for them because even if they are rich, that much money is a fairly large sum, even for them.

Cole12 ...
11/16/17 5:24 pm

The art bubble is an unfortunate symptom of the unprecedented economic inequality that exists in the world today. When you have high levels of inequality, rich people have so much money that they don't know what to do with it. So, they drive up prices and create asset bubbles.

11/16/17 5:23 pm

I could only go to $450mil, that jerk with the extra $300k...☹️