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robmosher November 17th, 2017 12:10am

Voter ID laws : Is it racist to require everyone to have a valid state ID to vote? Why?

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11/17/17 7:39 am

Another phony argument by the Dems that is divisive to the nations welfare.

Jazzy5 USA
11/17/17 5:36 am

For crying out loud....

What adult does not have an ID.????

4boot LaTrineodeur, MN
11/16/17 10:07 pm

No, it is helping people come into the modern world. How can anyone do anything in today's world without a photo ID?

11/16/17 9:12 pm

Yes, because it if for the purpose of preventing a specific group of people from voting. (Typically low income minorities whom for whatever reason are unable to attain a form of identification)

him420 California
11/16/17 10:06 pm

WTF why is it people think minorities don’t have an ID that is an urban myth I am black and 90 %of my friends are minority’sand we all have an ID

knetzere Illinois
11/17/17 12:22 pm

Don’t you know minorities are too stupid to go to the dmv with a utility bill their birth certificate and $10

Democrats have to save them

11/16/17 7:19 pm

No it is not racist. Everyone should have a valid ID to vote and it should be provided free of charge by the state or federal government.

11/16/17 6:50 pm

Racist? No. Inconvenient? Yes

krayzewolf New Hampshire
11/17/17 9:05 am

And how pray tell would you enforce mandatory voting?

That's just fucking stupid.

knetzere Illinois
11/17/17 12:29 pm

That sounds awful

I don’t want the target audience for the kardashian show or honey boo boo people deciding the direction of the country

Symeon USA
11/16/17 6:32 pm

This is such a ridiculously loaded question.its really simple, without an ID, How can one be sure they are who they claim to be? If the possibility of fraud exists, ID should be required.

11/16/17 6:14 pm

It is because this, there are parts of this country many many Americans are un aware of that are so poor, you would be shocked at. They’re are people still living in shanty’s with out water or power... these are not just black folks but white as well...

11/16/17 6:15 pm

You really may not think so but it’s true... there are some very very poor whirs and black struggling in this country..

11/16/17 6:18 pm

Pp, are so caught up in immigration but really there are white and black Americans living in abject third world poverty in America.. completely disconnected from the rest of the country....

11/16/17 6:19 pm

Your ever been to rural Ohio,,, it’s like driving thru Russia.

Symeon USA
11/16/17 6:33 pm

But let’s be brutally honest, the vast majority of those people don’t vote and will probably never vote.

11/16/17 6:48 pm

And the founding fathers new this,,, thus the reason they gave everyone the right to vote.... poor or not... that’s real freedom. so our elected officials,,so instead of making it impossible for those poor with a smaller voice are included and have an equal “chance” to participate or voice their vote. Even at the lowest levels.

(((((That’s the true price of freedom))))

11/16/17 6:49 pm

The right to participate and vote and people try hard to try and stifle it. To hold to power...

11/16/17 6:54 pm

You’d be fckn pissed off if you couldn’t vote wether or not if the group should order pizza or something else because you didn’t make as money as every else....

11/16/17 6:56 pm

He’s poor anyway his vote doesn’t matter ... pft... the founding father were deeply fair and honest, and corrupt men constantly look for a way around their foundations

11/16/17 6:59 pm

Everyone likes to vote. It’s sense of pride... for everyone. And as a whole that’s what makes America great....

11/16/17 8:22 pm

You are stupid first of all if u failed at life so hard you are living in a shanty town in the US I don’t want you voting cause ur either lazy or stupid

11/16/17 8:49 pm

Lol, first apof your stupid and secondly your dumb and stuff.. hahahahahahahh ok , all joking aside .. I’m gonna take you seriously, your right I’m dumb and stuff...

Vietman manhattan
11/17/17 8:42 am

Honestly, if you don’t have an ID, there are many things you are missing out on to raise yourself out of poverty. Let’s focus on getting the poor IDs (which is beneficial to their economic well-being) , then we can talk about voter-ID laws.