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PoliEqual November 16th, 2017 10:26pm

Have you ever been sexually assaulted or harrassed?

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11/16/17 7:04 pm

Years ago I was in the cafeteria at work with two male coworkers. One of them thought it would be hilarious to undo my bra! It happened so fast and I was totally shocked. I thought it was equally funny to dump his coffee in his lap! He never did that again.

ProudAmerican45 North Joisey
11/16/17 4:04 pm

Yes..back in high school..I was best friends father would give us wine during night I was wooozy..felt something squishy being pushed into my mouth..I saw a dark figure..thought I was happened on 2 other occasions..I opened up to another friend of ours and asked her to keep watch during the sleepover..turns out I wasn’t dreaming..he was trying to put his dick in my mouth..I never told anyone and swore my friend to secrecy thinking no one would believe me..years later my friends parents started fostering kids..turns out the POS was doing the same to the foster girls as me..they had the balls to report him..he’s been sitting and rotting in jail for the past ten years..

11/16/17 7:01 pm

What a creep, glad he’s in jail.