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Praetorianus November 16th, 2017 5:51pm

Scenario: you are watching an airshow when disaster strikes. One of the stunt planes crashes. A guy close to you cynically applauds and shouts "great show!" Would you be upset enough to get involved(like, scold him or even clock him)?

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lcamino Florida and Georgia
11/16/17 9:26 pm

No, I’d be upset with what happened. The noise is so deafening, you have to wear ear plugs, and I would think that person didn’t quite get it yet.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
11/16/17 7:47 pm

I've seen a few crashes. Everyone reacts differently.

phalnx Ohio
11/16/17 7:01 pm

No, I'd be thinking the same thing 😈

ShakaBrah California
11/16/17 5:00 pm

None of my business. Maybe the performer was on his last stunt, and the man was just applauding the events before. Kind of like when a pitcher in baseball switches and the crowd cheers for him.

coloradical Vote or Shut Up
11/16/17 3:10 pm

I’d knock him out and put a card in his hand asking him if he liked the aftershow! 🤛

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
11/16/17 1:25 pm

“What an evil thing to say!”

11/16/17 11:54 am

Can’t say, but something would happen.

RussianThunder Russia and USA
11/16/17 11:43 am

I listen to my brother talk about serial killers constantly. I know people can be awful, evil, cruel and sadistic. I would feel very sorry that he has no compassion for those who died and those who may be traumatized over what they just saw. I would simply pity him. However I should add I’m rather wimpy and certainly not brave so I would not confront him.
When my parents made Sergei and I share a room (“because we grew up having to all sleep in the same room so two people sharing is a luxury”....while bedrooms in our flat set empty) I heard his books and documentaries about crime and serial killers constantly. Honestly, someone being cruel enough to say something like that would not surprise me.

Kyle5 TN
11/16/17 11:20 am

I'd tell him to "fuck off you asshole" or something along those lines.

shygal47 Florida east coast
11/16/17 11:13 am

omg - I’d be the person trying to figure out a way to help ... it’s my first reaction.
And then I remember that I’m an old fart now...

11/16/17 11:05 am

I’d be more concerned with getting out of there.

ScenarioNations California
11/16/17 10:53 am

I'd probably say something like "dude! Not cool!" But I tend to be perfectly fine with sexist, racist, etc jokes and even death joked are typically fine with me, but my sudden reaction to it live would be scolding.

Praetorianus Fair enough.
11/16/17 10:53 am

No. None of my business what this ass does. Basically I'd grant him his freedom of expression, no matter how inappropriate I find it.

badattitude no place like home
11/16/17 11:00 am

But inside you'd probably think he's a sociopath and never hang around with him again. Obviously zero empathy or conscious there.

Praetorianus Fair enough.
11/16/17 11:09 am

Definitely. I'd just likely not act at that moment since he's a total stranger I'll never see again.
If it were a friend, the friendship would probably be over, or it would at least lead to a debate.