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rons November 16th, 2017 5:06pm

Ever wonder about how many of those old farts on Capital hill are quivering in their shoes waiting from someone to accuse them of an inappropriate sex act?

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Suzan Hawaii
11/16/17 3:51 pm

It is about time

Jazzy5 USA
11/16/17 1:37 pm

Al Franken goes down... let’s watch the democrats react to this. There is a photo involved, as well..

44YY Boston, MA
11/16/17 12:00 pm

Ever wonder about how many of them have actually sexually harassed someone?

11/16/17 11:39 am

My mom used to tell me (frequently), “When you point a finger at someone, three point back at you.” I’d say the is especially true of Congress....including all those dems who are grandstanders.

(Whoops! Did I just point my finger at folks?)

11/16/17 11:54 am

LOL you kinda did.

rons WOKE is sick
11/16/17 11:51 am

Remember that congressmen that had an affair with him and turned up dead. He was the prime suspect but they found the guy. I’ve worked since 1961 and seen a lot of eyeballing, sexual harassments. At one of our computer sites the Director was fired for have sex in his office with employees ( similar to Bill Clinton). At parties it always got worse. Sometime the women were willing too. But some men have little control of the sexual appetites. Even Jimmy Carter gave an interview with playboy mag saying he had lust in his heart. We all have a little lust now and then. Ted Kennedy killed a women over it, Gary Hart lost his shot! That creep who banged a chick and got her preggy while his wife was dying of cancer who was going to run with Joe Biden. Even the Rev Jackson while giving spiritual advice to Clinton after Lewinsky showed us his illegitimate new baby (funny stuff). Men are large rabbits with small ears.

ProudAmerican45 North Joisey
11/16/17 4:50 pm

Gosh..remember Gov. McGreevy’s “I am a gay American” speech? When it came out he was cheating on his wife with his aid Golan (something)..

rons WOKE is sick
11/16/17 5:08 pm

Oh yes, she was pissed that she stood by him while he confessed.

drself Gated Community
11/16/17 11:35 am

Let’s go after Bill.

Odysseus We All Need A Fantasy
11/16/17 11:30 am

Don’t kid yourself. There are powerful men in every profession waiting for the other shoe to drop. It’s been long overdue.

rons WOKE is sick
11/16/17 11:38 am

I agree. My mother told me of office stories from her job in the 40-50’s! Especially at Christmas parties.

Sentinel Ya ie wa noh
11/16/17 10:56 am

The only difference between the degenerates in "Harassewood" and the degenerates in but the stage they perform on.....

rons WOKE is sick
11/16/17 11:11 am

What about pro sports?

Sentinel Ya ie wa noh
11/16/17 11:15 am

Ahh.....another stage and venue......

rons WOKE is sick
11/16/17 11:53 am

Wall St, Las Vagas, burger King!

Sentinel Ya ie wa noh
11/16/17 5:00 pm

Different number at the curb, the shape of the structure somewhat different.....the same type of occupants that reside inside.....

ProudAmerican45 North Joisey
11/16/17 10:12 am

I️ was thinking the same..WHO’s NEXT..great minds think 🤔 alike..