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bower8899 November 16th, 2017 3:45pm

The Hanford Nuclear site is one of the most dangerous manmade places in the United States. Under Trump, the EPA base tasked with cleanup there has been reduced from 9 to 4 workers, and a new leader has yet to be appointed.

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shygal47 Florida east coast
11/16/17 10:52 am

Umm - that was not a good decision. Hanford REALLY NEEDS to be cleaned up as much as possible. Federal nuke locations ALL need to be cleaned up. Makes one wish they had to pass inspections by the NRC like commercial plants do.

bower8899 ...
11/16/17 11:06 am

Yah, I've been to Hanford. It's really bad there

suppressedID suck it Kyle
11/16/17 10:14 am

Washington votes blue, so....

zimmy Florida
11/16/17 9:11 am

Unfortunately, I fear, that many of the decisions of this administration, are going to impact us negatively, for years to come!

bower8899 ...
11/16/17 8:47 am

I live near this.

More info, especially recommend reading the Environment and Cleanup sections.

11/16/17 9:12 am

Did you read the article yourself?