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ProudAmerican45 November 16th, 2017 1:03am

Should there be a statute of limitations on sexual allegations?

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Finny Conservative Lesbian
11/16/17 8:42 am

No these are such personalized crimes that can include so many different variables

evoecon nearest binary system
11/16/17 7:29 am

Yes on allegations; No on sexual crimes.

CMChristian gone
11/15/17 7:38 pm

Yeah so the left can stop this unnecessary and unconventional tactic.

11/15/17 7:07 pm

That’s a complicated many layered onionšŸŒ°

RussianThunder Russia and USA
11/15/17 7:34 pm

Never mind. My mother explained it.

WorstGooEver Nuke the Hurricanes
11/15/17 6:53 pm

There’s a statute of limitations on the crime, but you can’t prevent someone from making an allegation. So my answer is a hard no.

jlong105 Indiana
11/15/17 6:18 pm

After so long it becomes he said she said with no way to prove the allegations true or false.